Thursday, November 29, 2007

Little toes and fever chills

So, this morning I'm talking to Kim K. (Yes, I can proudly say I have more than one Kim in my life!) And, while being the amazing multi-tasking mom that she is (working from home, homeschooling, and currently pregnant with baby number 5) Her adorable 5 year old decides he wants to play office and type on her computer as she's trying to work. Of course being the amazing mom she is she calmly tells him to stop. I thought I liked this kid before, now I adore him. Why you ask? Well in a word, he's a genius. Since Kim told him not to type on the computer. He figured out another way. He began typing with his toes! A five year old savant! Why didn't my kids get this gene? So, in the middle of our conversation I hear 'don't type with your toes!' Of course I busted out laughing. How cool is that?!? Like I said the kids a genius! I told Kim, "Hey, be thankful your kid has ten toes to type with." I'm thinkin' it would be a lot tougher if he had less toes. Plus, it just has to be said again, the kid is genius.

My kids are amazing in their own way too. For instance, Sarah, the 1o year old resident drama queen wakes up at 2am this morning. She's got the fever chills and she's throwing up. Yes, this is how my day started. So, as I cover her in blanket upon blanket and put socks on her feet (yes, after I did the 7 layer blanket routine, is when she said her feet were cold. It came out through chattering teeth "mmmyyy ffffeet rrrrr cccoollddddd"). So, I'm trying to calm her down as this is the first time she's really had the fever chills let alone this bad. So, I ask her, what's your favorite prayer? She says "I don't have one." Now being die hard, the whole family actively involved, Catholics, I found this a little disheartening. "What do you mean you don't have a favorite prayer?" I ask her. Sarah replied..."I like them all.". I may not have a savant who can type with his toes, but you know what, at 2 am in the mist of chills, ginger ale and vomit, I am blessed.

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