Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gimme a Revelation

To my crhp group, my bible study group, and my St. Ignatius Prayer group: Remember about five years ago when I would pray for God to send me billboards cause I was so thick and I couldn't hear Him very well? Yea. Well, you know times are changing when in prayer last night I said to Him "enough with the billboards already!" lol

He has been calling me. So, I picked up the bat phone and He still keeps calling. It's like you're talking to someone on the phone and call waiting beeps in and it's the same person!!!! I went to church last night and the song was Here I am, Lord! I cried all the way through. Dude! I get it! You're calling me!!! Then, was it this week I think, Isaiah 43 kept being brought to me. And, here I am this evening working on my paper for crhp and a scripture came to me but I couldn't remember where it was "I have called you by name." I'll give you three guesses where it comes from! Yea, I had to look it up. Isaiah 43:1-2!!!!

So, after the PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES WON THE 2008 WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONSHI I told George I was gonna work on my paper and zone out with my music. I heard a song from one of my all time fav groups Third Day a little while ago. It's from their new album Revelation. It was the title track. So I found it and played it. Sigh. Yea, more billboards. Here it is for your enjoyment.

Thank you to all of you who have ministered to me this week. Thank you for being billboards. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for our little inside jokes. Thank you for making me feel so remarkably special and so unbelievably wanted. To Carol who asked for a favor with "please? For 'your' Carol" as if I'd ever say no to her; to Julie and her infinite wisdom; to Sharon for sharing her courage; for George for all his love and support; to my sister Tina who is having my niece Katie as we speak! To Tina (Myers) for your unwavering support; to Tina (Scheckel) I miss you terribly. You have been such a witness to me this week. I have been talking to you and calling on you. To Suzanne (Endress), you ROCK! You are so strong and so funny and so unbelievably cool. When I grow up I want to be just like you! To Jeff, for being one of the girls. To Evelyn for being there just when I needed you. And to my Adam who thought I wasn't talking to him b/c of something he said. Dude! You're my Adam! Ain't nothin' in this world gonna change that. And Dude, seriously, me stop talking?! The only time was at Monserrat on the silent retreat! It's all good!

So, without further ado, here is Third Day's Revelation.
Until next time,
Have a beer and celebrate the Phillies win, say a prayer for my sister whose having my baby Katie, and if I don't talk to you before then, have a happy halloween!

Father Corapi's Eleventh Hour Election Alert

Posted in three parts. Please pass on!
Until next time,
Hug your children, thank your mom for not having an abortion, and vote on Tuesday (or before).


Catholic Vote

Cult of Personality

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Let the little children come unto me

For the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.

Please, please, please pray for the unborn! Remember when I picked up the bat phone last week? I feel very strongly that I am being called to pray for all those considering abortion and for this election. I have a very dear friend, Sharon who ministers to me without even knowing it. Yesterday, she was called to go to Pittsburgh (woohooo!) to silently protest at an Obama rally. She described the poster she held up. It was the Malachi poster. Malachi meaning "witness". It is a picture of the poster you see here. This was way out of her comfort zone (cz) and she asked for prayers since this was out of her cz. So, I am taking a page from my Sharon.

If obama wins this election, it means an untold number of murders against the unborn! While I don't mean to offend anyone with my political views, the benefit of having your own blog is you can say what you want. Obama scares the you-know-what out of me. What scares me more are the catholics who believe that they can vote for him. As Catholics we cannot in good conscience vote for him. A vote for obama is a vote for murder. I must admit to you that I was once one of these Catholics. You know the type. We go to church on Sunday. If we eat meat on Friday's during lent, well, it's okay, we forgot. Confession is a once a year occurance if that. And, we never, ever get involved in the parish. And the bat phone? You can forget about that, we don't answer. In my twenties, I was pro-choice. "but it's my body! Who are you to tell me what to do with it!" But, it's not my body. It's Christ's. Then, as I got older, I got a little wiser. And, I went to crhp and my light turned on. My Christ light. It's a light that cannot be extinguished!

Look, I don't claim to be elloquent. I don't claim to be politically correct. I don't claim to be a Rhode's schollar. And, I don't claim to know all there is to know about my Catholic faith. However, I DO KNOW that life begins at conception! I DO KNOW that the bible says 'Thou shal not commit murder'! I do know that Jesus said 'Bring the little children unto me'! Some of you will find this hard to believe, but this post, this topic, being this vocal about a cause, is WAY out of my comfort zone. But, God chose to call ME, and I chose to pick up the bat phone. I chose to say 'YES'. Please pray with me and for me. Please, please pray for those Catholics who don't know any better to read and listen and learn. For a conversion of their hearts. Please pray for McCain to win the election. Please pray for those MILLIONS of unborn.

Some of my favorite signs I've seen I'd like to share:

If it's not a baby, you're not pregnant!
I survived Roe vs. Wade
Did you ever notice that all the people who support abortion have already been born?
Your lack of planning is not my emergency.
As a former fetus I oppose abortion.
Legally, if someone kills a pregnant woman, it counts as two murders.
and my personal favorite...

"Since 1973 1/3 of my generation has been slaughtered by abortion at the rate of 4000 babies per day. My friends...My classmates...My generation compromised by the selfishness of others. As a survivor I will not let future generations be slaughtered in the name of convenience. I will not be silent. I will not forget. I will not compromise!"

Feel free to pass this blog or particular article to anyone and everyone!

Until next time,
Take time to stop and smell the flowers in awe of the wonder of God (thanks, Tina!), vote for McCain, and pray for an end to abortion.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Stretch Armstrong

Do you guys remember Stretch Armstrong? He was this toy or rather 'action figure' I should say. lol. You could stretch out his arms and legs and they would go back into shape. You know when you've chewed a piece of gum so long it has that hard feel too it? Yea, he was kinda made out of that stuff. We'd pull his legs and arms really hard as far as we could (usually an inch or so, hey, we were young, not strong, lol) and they'd pop back into place.

God kinda does that with us. He stretches us. Makes us uncomfortable. Helps us grow. But, instead of us going back into shape, we stay in the new form. Actually, that's how it's suppose to go. Lot's of times as He stretches me, I go right back into shape but He keeps pulling and pulling, and pulling, and eventually, I listen and am stretched into the new shape He created.

A good friend pointed out something to me a few weeks ago (thanks, Kim!). Basically, I'm the Father's Loving Care witness for the St. Mark's CRHP in January. I should not be this bitter towards my father, Joe. Wow. I don't think I've ever said his name to you guys. I've said 'my dad', 'my father', but I don't think I've said Joe. That's gotta be progress, right? Anywho, I prayed a couple of times since then that God would do whatever He needed to to help heal the bitterness or help me deal with whatever it is so that the witness will be what He wants it to be. Here's what happened.

I called my dad tonight. He was just back from one of his trips with his wife, Sarah to the Panama Canal. In the course of the conversation, I was being a smart alec (kind of hard not too) and said I learned it from my dad. He said "Sure, blame me for everything. Your past. Everything is my fault." And, he was serious. What surprised me was my response. I told him I didn't blame him for anything. Wha? Where did that come from?! Surprised, he said that was nice to hear. And, I jokingly told him I spent a ton of money on therapy to be able to say it, lol. He laughed a little. The truth, as you all know, is I did blame him for my past. For my childhood. For not letting me do *anything*. For not being there. Being present. For not being the dad I needed him to be. For not loving me the way I needed to be loved. Is this what the road to forgiveness looks like? Is this me being stretched yet again?

I prayed (and still do occasionally, hey, I'm working on it) to love my father for who he is right at this moment. With no expectations. That's hard b/c he is my dad, and I am his child. I will always have expectations. Although, I went from being a child and expecting him to be there always (he never was), to being an adult and expecting him to constantly let me down (he always did) to now. Now, I don't know what to expect or rather how not to expect anything. This is new territory. Scary.

This passage came to me twice today. It's incredibly beautiful and the whole thing is my favorite but there is a special part that speaks to me I'd like to share. If you have time, read the whole thing...Isaiah 43:1-7..

...6 I will say to the north: Give them up! and to the south: Hold not back! Bring back my sons from afar, and my daughters from the ends of the earth: 7 Everyone who is named as mine, whom I created form my glory, whom I formed and made...

God is so awesome! Chapter 43 is so beautiful. It talks of God's love. A father's love for his sons and daughters. He has paid a ransom for me. For you. For each of us. He loves us with His very being. He named us as His. He created us for His glory! Doesn't that just give you chills. You were created for His glory! Man, if you ever feel unloved, the bible is truly the place to go (also for other good nuggets too! lol). He is the ultimate father! And, since He's the ultimate father, a little stretching every now and then really isn't too much to ask, is it? (okay, some days it is. We're human, but that's okay!).

Until next time,
check out Isaiah 43:1-7, hug your spouse and pray for all the men who went to Rockin C!


97 Seconds with God

Okay. Most of you get my updates through email. I don't know if any of you actually make it to the blog site ( On the site there are links to other cool sites (St. Jude's, Mike Howard etc). There is one site I am asking you, pleading with you to read today. It is 97 seconds with God. In fact, it is the very first link under My Favorite Sites.

97 Seconds with God is written by a new friend of mine, John. I say new friend b/c while we don't know each other well, yet, God has placed him in my life as yet another vessel. Remember how I wrote last night how He puts people in my life for a reason? John is one of those people and how can you not call those people your friend?

This morning, I was on my site rereading my post (I do that occasionally) and I realized I hadn't been on 97 seconds with God in a while. Did I not say John and his site were a vessel? When you go to his site and read his posting from his journal about Matthew, you will understand. (I would post it here, but I'm not sure how blog sharing even though giving credit to the writer works.)

Go read his post. It ties together so well with mine from last night. And, guess where I'm going this morning (*before* Ikea with Tina)? I'm going to go pick up the phone (henceforth the 'bat phone' lol) that keeps ringing and I keep ignoring.

Until next time,
And pick up your own Bat Phone. I know mine can't be the only one that's been ringing off the hook.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

A daily dose

I like to think that most days I can function on my own. That I can dress myself (I can), I can tie my own shoes (most days), and I can make my own decisions/choices that are mine and mine alone. Then, there are subtleties that happen throughout the day and I realize that the God places people in my life for a reason, be they a coworker, a family member, or a friend.

I've been at my job for almost seven months. And, on the whole it's been a lot of fun. Evil troll notwithstanding. While at work, I'm made a point to smile more during the lunch shift (while serving people). I make a point to be 'wonderful' when asked. I figured a) they have their own problems and b) they really don't want to know. When I can, I ask what is going on in their lives and I pray for them. By no means do I think this is anything out of the ordinary. I just am. The last two days Papi was out sick. (Actually, his name is José, but one day we called him Papi, and it just stuck). Anywho, a regular day with Papi is full of not just work, but a couple of hugs, him singing the Beatles badly, and lots of laughter. I found that I missed that. Then, this week Evil Troll gave out some not too great info. In a move to cut costs, hours were cut. Mine the most. I now have every Friday off. Every one. I would have much rather had two. But that didn't happen. Couple that with being off the meds and waiting for my hormones/emotions to level out again, I have not been in that good of a mood.

So, at work, Denise, the preacher and I were talking yesterday and she commented how she was just listening to christian music and was so filled. I commented that I had just finished talking to God with a 'please fix it or smite these people' request. (don't judge me lol.) Denise said something profound. She said that in cases like those, she asks for God to change her heart or move them. So, I've been trying that. Then today, Papi was back to himself, at work, singing badly, hugging, and laughing.

Also today, God hugged me. Physically. I can't remember who He used. But I remember being not so happy with Evil Troll today. I remember saying the Hail Mary over and over. And, I remember someone hugging me. I remember it being unexpected. Someone at work and it was a tight hug. What I can't remember is who it was. Of course, I also got hugs from Mary, Betty, and of course, lots from Papi. Apparently, God must have known I really needed them today.

God never ceases to amaze me. How He places people in my life from the unexpected hug from a virtual stranger to a quick visit with someone I haven't seen in *forever* (shout out to Shannon!!!! I miss you!). He is there *always* behind me and before me (Psalm 139). I tend to think more often than not, that I am doing this life thing all by myself. But, there He is, subtly talking to me. Some days He calls me to Him. Some days I follow, sadly, others I do not. It is so cool that He hears everything. He heard me lamenting this week. He sent me people to minister to me and people to hold me. And people to tell me that everything is going to be okay.

Lately, He has been calling me, and I have not been answering. Guess it's time to pick up the phone.

Until next time,
Here's a big hug from me {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{hug}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}. Call a friend you haven't talked to in a while. Open your bible. Read Psalm 139. It's beautiful as are you!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My trip part two

So, we've already established there is nothing in Killeen. And, we've established how awesome Mike is and that bonding with Mike was the highlight of the trip. The rest of the trip was fun! It was relaxing. We did absolutely nothing. The trip took three hours each way. It was so cool b\c I had Tina all to myself (well the kids were there). It was cool b/c we had conversations about everything and about nothing. We sang with the radio or at times didn't have to say anything and there was never that uncomfortable silence.

Once we got there, I got to meet Nancy *finally*. Nancy is the youngest daughter. Tina's the oldest by like five minutes I think. It goes Tina, Susan, Nancy, and then Peter. Nancy seems like she is the oldest. Apparently, everyone who meets her thinks this. She has an air of maturity about her. She's very funny and like the rest of the family, makes everyone feel welcome.

Then, I got to see Susan! You know how I blogged a while back how she and Tina are identical and how they sound *exactly* alike? Yea, not so much anymore. I've spent so much time with Tina that she and Susan barely look alike and they vaguely sound alike. In fact, when the bedroom door was closed and someone was talking, I knew it was Susan and not Tina. It was funny, b/c you all know how much I love my Carol and I can't go very long without talking about her. Well, we were talking about twins and I told the family how it took me six months to tell my Brennan and my Justin apart. No, the 'my' wasn't a typo. It's my Carol, My Brennan, My Justin, My Elizabeth and yes, even My Brian (her husband) lol. They are mine, like my raspberry chocolate milano cookies (on sale at Target for $2.41!!!).

Tina's parents, Joe and Vicky are fun to be around. The food was wonderful, the weather was perfect and on Saturday night we roasted marshmallows and looked at the gazillions of stars and even a few planets! We mostly sat around and talked about nothing.

Sunday Mass was beautiful. I even paid attention to the homily! lol The trip was great. It was wonderful to just go away somewhere and do nothing with one of my very best friends and her family. And of course bond with Mike, lol.

Until next time,
Roast a marshmallow, eat a cookie, call a friend you haven't talked to in ages.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Darrel or Guess who can Kiss His 40's Goodbye?

Happy 5-0 Darrel!!!!

Today is Darrel's fiftieth birthday! For those of you who don't know Darrel, he is this awesome man who absconded with one of my closest and most favorite people in the world (Sharon Dudik) and whisked her off to Steeler Country and didn't have the decency to take me with her! The nerve! lol

Seriously, Darrel is a good friend of George's and mine. I'm almost positive he was in chrp five. He is warm and loving and caring and does so much for so many even all the way from Pittsburgh. So, I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish Darrel a very happy birthday and let the whole world know how awesome Darrel is and how much he ROCKS!!!

Happy Birthday, Darrel! We miss you, we love you. Come home soon!

Until next time,
Share in Darrel's birthday, buy yourself a cupcake and say a prayer for Darrel today. You know, I hear at 50 everything starts going down hill!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

When they say there's nothing in Killeen, they're not kidding. Seriously. There's not even roadkill in Killeen! They do have a Wal-mart (on steroids!) and a H.E.B. (on steroids!) and cows. Lots of cows. The cows are not on steroids (that I know of, lol). I came back late this afternoon. I had a fabulous time!

My adventure started out not so good. I went to Sarah's softball game at 8:30am (they lost 15-2). Then, I had the great idea to take Sarah out to Allen Cafe for breakfast. We get home and talk to Dad. It was so great! I hadn't talked to him for over a week! Then, I had to rush to pack (so far so good) then we go to see Jaime at his robotics competition. This is the not so good part. How people can function at this competition is beyond me. There's no schedule of what kid is going in what round so that we could be there. For example, Jaime calls and says I'm going on in 13 minutes. We get there in round 26 (each round is 3 minutes). Turns out he's going in round 30! So, we stick around till round 30 and he didn't even go. At this point, he didn't know when he was going to go and I had to get going to Tina's so we could leave. So, I didn't get to see my son compete. Turns out, he went right after we left! Like I said, poorly run. (end of not so good part :)

So, I arrive at Tina's and we throw my stuff in the van and head off to Killeen! Mike had already left on his motorcycle (he decided to come to Kileen that day). We met up with Mike in Hillsboro for a pit stop. I've known Tina for a few years now and while she and I have gotten extremely close, Mike is more of a behind the scenes guy. On this trip I learned a lot. I learned that when I'm tired I really can't pronounce words well (look! haMcrafted furniture!), I learned that all my friends have awesome families who share, love and talk with each other, that my family is the true example for a dysfunctional family, and that Mike totally rocks.

Let me explain. While at the pit stop in Hillsboro, Nathan was given a breathing treatment. No prob. Nathan however, was *extremely* over tired. While Tina was wrangling Nathan, Mike was unbelievably calm. He used a soothing voice to talk to Nathan and calm him down so he could take his treatment. After we got back on the road, I said to Tina "I can see why you love Mike." He was so gentle with Nathan. It was way cool. But wait, there's more!

We were in church this morning (yes, I went to the nine am mass! Can you believe it! lol) Mike was in front of me and during the sign of peace, he turned around and gave me a hug. But, this wasn't one of those guy-barely touch you on the back-hugs, this was a *hug*. And then he said "thanks for coming!" and he meant it! Wow, as if this day couldn't get any better. But wait, there's still more!

After church we go home and have breakfast. Then all the kids go for a ride with Grandpa and while we're standing in the driveway waving good-bye Mike pops off with "I'm gonna take Gina for a ride." Ummmmm. Okay............ Here's what you have to know, about two or three months ago, I got to see Mike's bike. It's way cool. And I commented that I'd never ridden and how cool that would be. That was months ago and Mike remembered. So, Tina puts the helmet on me and I said "I'm terrified". She said not to be. I'm thinking "ooooookay!" Then as I got on the bike I said "If I'm not back in five..." and she finished with "we'll come looking for you!" As we headed out I was holding on to the bike and was a little nervous but you know what? It was the most fun I have had in what seems like forever! I was afraid going around the turns, but Mike is an excellent driver (no rainman pun intended!) The views were amazing! The mountains, the livestock, the breeze, it was all so beautiful. I could easily see why Mike likes riding. There's something about it, a word I can't figure out. I want to say heavenly but that's not right. Although, I did say a quick prayer when we started out that we wouldn't crash (lol), there was something about taking in all that beauty on such an amazing day with a guy I've known for a while but not really known. This man has watched his wife and I grow closer. He has watched as I have become friends with his kids. He's gladly hung out with his kids so Tina and I can go out and blow off steam and dance. He gladly lent me his wife as she was there as I mourned the loss of Mom. And, here he was sharing something that he loves to do with me. Very cool. While I had a great time meeting her parents and Nancy and seeing Susan and Peter again, the highlight of the weekend was bonding with Mike. Suffice it to say that while Mike likes to be the behind the scenes guy, that's no longer the case. He rocks and there's nothing he can do about it.

We took a picture of me and Mike on the bike when I get it, I'll post it! And, I'll post more about the trip later.

Until next time,
Treat yourself to a banana pudding shake from Sonic's. They totally rock (just like Mike!)


Thursday, October 16, 2008


It's been a saWeet week at work...Mostly. I've got tomorrow off (BONUS!) and I had no fried chicken or TACO SALAD this week! It totally rocked! And, as if it couldn't get any better, under the 'be careful what you wish for umbrella', Evil Troll is leaving! But, sadly so is the Chef. Apparently, some management shake up thingy. So, I've started praying (feel free to join in) that whomever the replacements are, that they are put there by God and:

1~get along with all the personalities.
2~be fair.
3~appreciate my uniqueness.
4~not give me taco salad EVERY week, lol

Okay, that last one is negotiable.

I'm glad the week is over. Not only was Tuesday my wedding anniversary (love you, George!), it was the first meeting after discernment for my St. Mark's CRHP. Did I not tell you guys what I discerned yet? Hmmm, thought I did. I discerned the witness of Father's Loving Care! Yea, I'm all excited :) I figure the Holy Spirit will smack me upside the head when it's time to start working on it.

So, tonight starts my weekend! Tomorrow I'm getting two tires for the mini van (do I know how to rock a day off or what!?!?!) and getting George a anniversary present. Then, Saturday Sarah has a softball game at 8:30 in the morning. Feel free to come and watch her :) And, Jaime has his robotics competition. Then, at some point Saturday, I'm leaving with Tina (Myers) and going to Kileen for the rest of the weekend! The whole family is going to be there including her twin Suzie whose in from Germany. I haven't seen her in for-ev-r! The first time I talked to Suz on the phone was hysterical. Not only are they identical, their voices are *exactly* alike, even their inflections. So, I spent the first 10 minutes or so laughing hysterically and apologizing for laughing, lol. Nancy's gonna be there as is Peter her brother. I met Peter a couple weeks ago, he goes to UD (I think). Plus, we're driving down with her kids. They totally crack me up. We have a lot of fun together. Then, I come back Sunday late afternoon, and then on Monday, George and I are celebrating our anniversary :)

I've been feeling a little icky off and on. Still don't know if it's anxiety b/c I'm coming off the meds, thereby making myself anxious or something more. I've been missing Mom terribly this last week. Ten months on Saturday. It's never going to get better. I am okay with that.

Until next time,
breathe in, breathe out. Slowly. Twice. Have a cup of tea. Read a book.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Psalm 23-My perspective

You know, I used to hate this Psalm. My mom had it in our kitchen growing up. It scared me. Because it mentioned death, I thought it was about death. It's so much more than that. And, as the year anniversary of mom's death looms on the horizon (I know...I have two more months yet) I can truly say that I have walked in the valley of the shadow of death and His rod and His staff brought me comfort.

The Lord is MY Shepard, I shall not want. ~ Well, I am human. After ten years, I still want a sleep number bed. But, it is a want, not a need. I think we all have wants.

He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside quiet waters. ~ This verse struck me today. He MAKES me lie down. He LEADS be beside QUIET waters. He knows when I need rest and He makes sure I do. Even if I have to get a cold or something to keep me in bed. There are times when I want to talk to my friends and no one is available and George is busy at work. There's no one to talk to. Sadly, that is one way I come to Him in prayer. It's His way of saying for me to come to HIM first. It is in the quiet that we hear Him.

He restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake. ~ For HIS name's sake. How cool is that? He restores MY soul. When I am feeling less than or alone or abandoned, or unhappy, or irritated, or nothing at all. He restores ME. That is just *so* awesome! Some days it is hard to wrap my head around.

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. ~ Boy, do they ever comfort me. Something struck me today as I was reading this verse. His STAFF. The way it is spelled, I don't think it's a mistake. We all are a part of His staff. Doing His will. You, as His staff, have comforted me greatly in many ways. Not just in mom's passing either.

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. ~ My cup definitely overflows. I can't say it any better than this poem:
I've never made a fortune, and it's probably too late now. But I don't worry about that much, I'm happy anyhow and I go along life's way, I'm reaping better than I sowed. I'm drinking from my saucer, 'cause my cup has overflowed. Haven't got a lot of riches, and sometimes the going's tough but I've got loving ones all around me, and that makes me rich enough. I thank God for his blessings, and the mercies He's bestowed.
I'm drinking from my saucer, 'cause my cup has overflowed. I remember times when things went wrong, my faith wore somewhat thin. But all at once the dark clouds broke, and the sun peeped through again. So Lord, help me not to gripe, about the tough rows I have hoed. I'm drinking from my saucer, cause my cup has overflowed. If God gives me strength and courage, when the way grows steep and rough. I'll not ask for other blessings, I'm already blessed enough. And may I never be too busy, to help others bear their loads. Then I'll keep drinking from my saucer, cause my cup has overflowed.

Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever. ~ You've just got to love David. He's so confident. SURELY he says. Not hopefully. Not if I'm good. Not if I try harder. SURELY. How awesome is that? Surely goodness and love will follow us all the days of our lives and we will dwell in the house of the Lord forever!

Until next time,
I look forward to dwelling forever with you. (What? you thought you'd escape me eventually? bwahahah!)

Monday, October 6, 2008

My Husband Rocks

Have you met my husband, George? He totally rocks. He was gone this weekend. All weekend. But it was for a good cause. He was putting on CRHP for St. Marks. I was especially blessed this weekend. While he was gone, I spent most of the weekend with Tina (Myers). We had a blast, we always do. I was also blessed b/c while George was gone, I was still able to talk to him. The greatest advantage of him being weekend facilitator is he gets a phone! lol He would text me occasionally to check in and it was wonderful. Then, I got to see him when I had the priveledge of serving the men dinner. And I got to see him before Mass.

Then, last night, he came home. You know, he doesn't go away that often (which is truly a good thing). I miss him when he's away. But, when returns, there's always joy. I know I take George for granted. I don't mean to, it just happens, but when he comes home, we hold each other a little tighter, sit a little closer, and smile a little longer. There's more to returning home from being away then just returning to a house. When he comes home (even from being at work) my day gets better, my smile gets brighter and my heart fills more than I thought it ever could.

I remember about 8 years ago, I was going to college (shout out to Charleston Southern University). I was in my speech class and I forget what the speech was, but I remember George was a big part of it. I even wore a shirt that I made that said "George Rocks!" It was funny b/c the class thought I meant George Bush, lol. I *so* did not mean that George, lol!

Eight years later, my husband still rocks. It's the little things he does or says that makes me love him even more. For instance, I had an icky day at work today. I goofed up an order in a big way (can you say raw chicken finger?). I was not happy and on my lunch called George. Of course, he does his husbandly duty and listens and consoles me, but then he said something. He said "you need to let it roll of your back. I know how hard that is for you." It was the last part. He does know. He knows, b/c he knows me. The real me. The one that is far from perfect, but tries to be a perfectionist anyway. The one who wants to please everyone but herself.

My husband rocks. He truly does. I am blessed beyond all measure that God thought me worthy enough to be his wife. So, if you see George around church or Kroger, tell him he rocks and that his wife says she loves him!

Until next time,
Hug your husband, tell him you love him and kiss him like you mean it.
PS. I am *so* over the moon, Carol is coming to have lunch with me tomorrow!!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

God is weird, but so am I

I know I'm not the only one God likes to mess with. He'll pop up with something out of the blue and I'll respond with "Dude, what have you been smokin'?" And, He laughs and repeats Himself.

Today was one of those days. God was seriously smokin' a big fatty and I was the one who ended up with the headache. lol. I was about an hour into work this morning. I was lamenting to God that I wish it wasn't taco salad day. Taco salad days are my busiest days. I do anywhere between 75-100 salads. The yukiest part is making the shells (bowls). I'm standing in front of the frier for like E V E R! (Okay, 30 minutes but it feels like forEVER!). But, I digress. The chef comes to me and asks if I want to help out at another account today b/c they're shorthanded. Before my brain is in gear, before I have my morning coffee, before I can form a thought, I hear myself say "okay". Huh? Wha? So, I ask where the account is (somewhere in Dallas) and agree to go. I go to see the evil troll who is the manager and she asks if I want to work there tomorrow too b/c "I was going to give you off tomorrow." Let's see, drive to bfe two days in a row or have a Friday off...hmmm. Yea, tough call. I tell her no thanks, I'll take the day off.

I then proceed back to the chef who gives me toll money (score) and awesome directions. Guess where I drove to? Guess? I don't think most of you realize my fear of driving in Dallas. I've been here five years and the farthest I'll go is Spring Valley/Beltline. That was till a couple months ago when a friend was at Medical City and I drove *all the way down there*. George was kind not to give me too much grief..."you wont drive to have lunch with me, but you'll drive to the hospital?" He has a point, the hospital is directly behind his work. Like throw a rock close. Anywho, I don't drive the hi-5. I don't drive to the airport, and I don't drive 635.

Remember a couple paragraphs ago I told you God was smokin' a big fatty? He had me drive all of that! I was in Las Colinas. I drove toll roads on the way from my job and 635 and the hi-5 home. Oh, and I was litterally 10 minutes from the airport! I was *so* nervous going there, but I prayed the whole way. The people were nice and the day thankfully went by fast. I was so proud of myself today! That was a huge thing for me (just ask Carol and George!).

Like I was saying, God is weird, but so am I. I am in good company :)

Until next time,
Stay away from the fattys, face a fear today. Be proud of yourself. I'm proud of you :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So, Sarah and I are on the way home today from RE. As we're driving, she's checking her cell messages and turns down the radio. Afterward, she apologizes for turning down the radio. I tell her it's no biggie, I'm not mad, I didn't yell or anything. lol. I told her I don't yell all the time, just sometimes. I told her I didn't want her to be thirty looking back at say "boy, my mom yelled a lot!" She said that she wouldn't remember that. I asked her what she would remember. She said "I'll remember that I love you more!"

She and I play the I love you more game. Some days I win and I love her more. Other days, she wins and she loves me more. The point is that we both love each other. But how cool is that? When she's thirty, she'll remember that she loves me more.

Yea, I'm blessed! Then, tonight it was just her and I for dinner and we cooked dinner together and ate. Just the two of us. Good food. Good company. Good conversation. Yup. I'm blessed!

Until next time,
Hug your kids.