Saturday, August 30, 2008


So, we're watching The Sound of Music this evening. It's one of my families favorite movies. We caught it on cable where it's the abridge version. Still, it's good. Here's what I want to know. Here's what I don't get. The family is getting ready to leave, in the dark, pushing the car. Of course they get caught. They get the car started and they head to the festival. With me so far? Good. Now, here's what I don't get. You have, Maria, Gayorg, seven kids (2 adult size ones) and Uncle Max. Just how big were the cars in Austria? They were able to get ALL ten people in? Same thing when they are escaping the Abbey only here, you get to see the youngest, Marta, on Maria's lap in the front seat.

The other thing I want to know is why is it that when they're hiding out in the Abbey behind the tombstones and they're so very quiet. Why is it that all three of my kids are so very quiet almost to the point of barely breathing. I can't get them quiet for anything. However, that scene comes on tv and they are so very, very quiet. Do they really think that if they don't make a sound, that Rolph wont find them this time? Seriously?

If anyone has the answer, I'd love to hear it, lol

Until next time,

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pop Goes the Weazel Cause the Weazel Goes Pop!

That's actually one of my favorite songs. Today I was not a weasel, but a gopher. Let me explain. I slipped at work today. Not to worry, I am okay. The only thing bruised is my ego, pride, and derriere. lol. I was in a hurry, there was a little water which I didn't see, and I went down like the Titanic, of course, right in front of the manager. Anywho, no sooner did my buttocks hit the ground ( I used my hand to brace myself) then I popped up like a gopher, lol. After the 'are you okays', I went back to work but kept telling my girlfriend "my buttocks hurts", lol and "man, did you see me pop up like a gopher?" lol We had fun with the gopher one, so today I was a gopher. Why is that that we do that? Whenever we fall down, instead of staying down for like two seconds and assessing the damage, we automatically pop up like the gopher. Is it b/c we think we'll look like less of a tool? Do we think that people will make fun of us? (Usually, they will, but it comes later, after everyone finds out you're okay). I don't know why we do this. About a month a go, the guy who does the dishwasher slipped and went down on his back. He did the gopher too. Like me, he was sore, but okay. Next time you fall down, resist the gopher. Don't give in to him. Stay down for two seconds and do a systems check and make sure all systems are ago and that you are a-o-k.

I learned more peoples names in the building today which I just love. There's Roger, who I formerly called 'carb man' b/c he said he's watching his carbs. There's Jules who is having a hard time with her boss. So, yesterday, I told her to pray for her boss, and I'd pray for her. (I really should take my own advice, lol). I saw her today and told her I was still praying for her and she gave me a hug. There's Denise, who is a Pastor whose church is looking for a youth director. There's Jill whose mom isn't doing well. There's the girl whose name escapes me, but was in a car accident Monday who was back at work yesterday. I gave her a hug and told her I'd pray for her too. Man, it's amazing, when you tell people you'll pray for them they smile and say "thank you", or "I so need it". So far, in the four months I've been there, I'd never had anyone go "No, don't pray for me". I love making people smile. It must be part of my middle child genetic make up. The need to please, the need for approval. I make a point to notice when someone changes their hairstyle, or when the color they're wearing is a particularly good one for them. When they are having a bad day and they don't know what they want for lunch, I let them know that I hope their day gets better and to have a cheeseburger, with bacon. That will make them feel better. Half the time, they actually get the bacon cheeseburger, and they smile. No matter what kind of day I'm having, when they ask me how my day is, I always say "wonderful! I'm always wonderful"! One day, someone asked me, "how is it, you're always wonderful?" And, I told them "if I'm breathing, I'm wonderful!" They smiled and said I had a great attitude :) Little do they know, how I don't like my manager, the one co worker is driving me and another co worker crazy, and I get so overheated at work some days, that I get a massive headache. They don't need to know these things. I am here to brighten their day with a smile and a prayer.

While I enjoy praying for the people at work, I also enjoy admiring God's handywork. I have a minscule crush on the milk man. He's from the Dominican Republic. His name is Knight. Cool name, no!?! Speaking of names, a co workers one year old son is named Brandon Vladimir. Isn't that like the coolest boy name ever? The co worker is from Honduras, maybe that's where Vladimir came from. One of my favorite handyworks of God's is this married couple who eats lunch together everday. I'd say they're in their mid-forties. They are the cutest couple ever! They come to my station just about everyday. It's so great to see a married couple so happy!

Then, I come home and get to marvel at God's handywork even more. I am greeted by Sarah with a huge smile! Then, ten minutes later, I am greeted by Maria, and another ten minutes later, I am greeted by James. Then, finally about 3 hours later, I am greeted by George. I listen all about their days. I sit with them at the table an marvel how God found me worthy to bless me with such a wonderful family. Mind, you, I don't always marvel like I should. Some days, there's less marveling and more pulling my hair out. But still, even if I end up with no hair, I am blessed!

Have a blessed day and avoid the gopher at all costs!
Until next time...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Things I've noticed the past couple days

~ The amazingly beautiful sunset as I drove to my friends house Friday for our monthly evening out.

~ The teens waiting for confession Sunday before Mass. It was great to see them taking this beautiful sacrament so seriously.

~ The number of teens who came to the LifeSavers Mass. It was truly beautiful to see.

~ The excitement/nervousness in my kids as we drove them to school this morning.

~ The fake smile I noticed for the first time on my daughter when I asked if she was okay this morning. She get's that from me.

~ Seeing Deacon Ron at Mass this morning. Way cool.

~ How beautiful my friend Julie looked sitting next to her Mom and Dad at Mass this morning. It's so beautiful to see her with her parents at Mass.

~ How handsome my husband looked this morning as we had our annual first day of school breakfast at McDonald's.

~ How God decided to not only give me my humble sock today, but He also added humble underwear. Apparently, I truly am too big for my britches, lol.

~ The kindness in a co-worker who isn't normally kind.

~ The smiling faces of customers when I noticed their new hair do's.

I had the weirdest day. It started out bittersweet. I had breakfast with George and the kids and we took them to school. I say bittersweet b/c I am immensely happy that they are growing into such beautiful, faith-filled young adults. However, they are growing up so fast and it breaks my heart. After we dropped the last kid off and only after, did I dare cry, as I do every year.

The day got better as I headed to Mass. However, once I got out of the car to walk into Mass and started to walk, I realized I was wearing my humble sock, and now, humble underwear. Great. The day got better as I knew I was going to receive the Eucharist this morning. It was hard to concentrate on the Mass as my mind was with my kids and the excitement of the Eucharist. I haven't attended daily Mass for roughly four months. I forgot how beautiful starting your day with Jesus was!

Once I got to work, it felt odd coming in late (even though I had permission, lol). At one point, I kept waiting for a shoe to drop. The air around work felt ominous. Then, I said a rosary and decided that the devil was probably attacking me again and I chose to not think about the ominous feeling. I figured whatever happens is gonna happen. And, then, a co worker I'm really fond of tells me he put in his two week notice. He needs to take care of his kids. While, I'm happy for him, I am sad b/c he is a huge part of what made the job so enjoyable. But in the end, I ended up having a really good day. That could also be b/c my workday got caught in half, lol.

I hope you are all having a blessed day. Remember, if you are feeling Psalm 142, then try some Psalm 139!

Until next time,

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Humble Sock and other things....

I like ankle socks. No big deal. last week, I was getting ready for work and I put on my socks. The left sock kept falling down. So, I went to the laundry basket (Hey! Don't judge me. I didn't have time to finish the laundry) took of the left sock and put it in the basket (it was still clean!) and proceeded to look for another sock. Because I was running late, I rifled through the basket and grabbed the first one I saw and went off to work.

As I was walking into work, I realized, much to my displeasure, I grabbed the same sock I started out with. So, I complained to God "why did I grab the same sock! This is not going to be a good day. It's gonna keep falling down all day!" My answer came in the form of one word. "Humble." Yea, He wanted to remind me to be humble. So, as the day went on and I had to hike up my left sock, I remembered 'humble'. And, He was gracious enough to not have my sock fall down all day, only a couple of times!

Fast forward to yesterday. It's raining. I don't mind the rain. I actually love it when it's raining. I love walking in it. I love being inside with a cup of tea and a good book and a blanket. I just don't love driving in it. I have a good reason. About 14 years ago, I was driving in a torrential downpour. It was a white rain where you can't see anything in front of you but white. Even the tail lights in front of me disappeared. I hydroplaned and hit the median. Everyone was fine. So, there you have it, why I don't like driving in rain 101.

But I digress. I love the rain, however yesterday was not one of those days. I had to work. So, I got in the minivan and started it. It sounded weird. So, I restarted it. It sounded a little better. God was gracious enough to bless me with a tolerable amount of rain as I was driving. Then halfway to work my battery light came on. Great. So, I shut the radio off (it drains the battery or so I've been told) So, I said a prayer and made it to work okay. Then, as I'm walking into work, I realized I was wearing my humble sock. Dear Lord! I had to drive to work in the rain. With no radio. And my battery came on. I felt I was pretty humble! Apparently, that wasn't enough humbleness for the Lord and He wanted to remind me yet again. lol. (the car seems to be fine, I think something might have fell asleep on the battery. What? I don't even want to know).

Now. Today. Instead of a sock, the good Lord decided that He was going to use people to keep me humble. The day started out okay. But then there was a chicken incident at work. It sounds more exciting than it really is, I promise. I needed fried chicken for my line. There wasn't any. Confusion ensued. (Keep in mind, the chef is on vacation this week). Everything turned out okay in the end. We used grilled chicken. Granted, I had a few people who weren't happy ("I thought it was fried chicken today!) but it worked out. In the middle of the chicken incident, unbeknownst to me, I pissed a co worker off. Not my intention. Ever. Well, maybe once in a while, depending on the co worker, lol. But today it was not my intention. Especially, with this co worker. After the day is just about finished, I get called to the manager's office (she's the chef's boss, so ultimately my boss' boss). Yea, she wasn't happy. I don't think she's ever happy. There is no pleasing this woman. And, frankly, after four months, I think I have finally decided to stop trying.

Needless to say, the woman lacks tact and diplomacy. And a conscience, and a soul. lol. Okay, well maybe not a soul. All though some days, I'm thinkin' she plays for team lucifer. Which would make perfect sense. Last night I didn't want to go to my chrp meeting. I was so tired, I took a two hour nap. I still didn't feel like going. But, George reminded me I already missed one meeting. So I went. It was such a great evening. I'm so glad I went. God showed me quite a few times last night why I needed to be there. So, I was actually riding a God high. Yea, apparently, lucifer isn't a big fan of the God high. So, he sends his minions to attack me (yes, at this point I am comparing the manager to one of lucifers minions just in case you were wondering). But, when I left her office, aside from being mildly irritated, I decided it was yet another humbling experience for me.

Why I need to practice the art of humility is beyond me (that's probably why right there! lol). I don't think I'm boastful (except about my weight loss), I'm not conceited, I don't think I'm better than anyone else (maybe my manager, lol). But, for some reason, God decided this is the lesson I must learn as of late. So, if you see me acting prideful, feel free to smack me upside the head.

Until next time, I remain humbly yours.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Lots of stuff to tell. It's been a weird two weeks. I've been in some sort of parallel dimension at work. It went really well. Quite odd after the crap laden weeks that I was having.

I've survived the month without my Carol. That was difficult, but I did it. She comes home this weekend (YEA!!!!). I have been well taken care of between Kim, Tina, Patti and my friend Mary from work.

School is about to start in a week. I'm excited for the kids. Not so much for me. Even though I'm working, I'll miss them. Lots.

Speaking of kids, I learned something today. James has man hands. How and when this phenomenon happened, I have no idea. But we went out to dinner tonight and as we were walking from the car to the restaurant, he grabbed my hand (truth be told, this is one of my favorite things that he does. He's 14 and is still affectionate and thinks it nothing to randomly put his hand in mine as we are walking) and my hand felt so tiny in his. Like he was the adult and I was a little kid. His thumbs look like sausages. However, there is something comforting with my little mom hand in his big man hand. Comfort in knowing that he is growing up. Comfort in knowing that God has a plan for him. And, comfort in knowing that he isn't too old to hold my hand. That's pretty cool if you ask me and it's still cool even if you don't.

Until next time,

Friday, August 1, 2008

Another Day, Another Walk, Another Lesson

I am exhausted. It has literally been the week from hell at work. My co-workers are awesome. We all get along which is a rarity in any workplace. Sure, from time to time, we'll get on each others nerves. But overall, they're a good group of people.

My immediate boss and the manager have been causing grief to everyone over the last couple of weeks. Granted, none of us are perfect. And, we all know how far from perfect I am. But suffice it to say, things came to a head at work this week. How bad you ask? So bad, that I almost quit. I almost walked out right before the lunch shift I was so upset. I told a co worker that I lived with the devil and his mother for five years and was treated with more respect. True! She asked me not to leave. (She says she's leaving at least once a month). Then, after work yesterday she and I were talking and I went through the bruhaha of the afternoon with her. Again, I wanted to leave. But at the end of the day, I love my job, the customers, and my co-workers. So, I made a pact with my co-worker that if she leaves, I leave, lol. Plus, she threatened that if I left, she'd hunt me down, lol. Truth be told, it was a nice feeling being so liked.

I start everyday at work the same....I get three hugs (from three different people). Everyone is tired b/c it's so early. But everyone is happy to see everyone (except for the boss and the manager, lol) Then I see mostly the same customers. There's the preacher that I'm praying for (their church needs a youth director if you feel so inclinded to pray). There's the woman whose mom has been sick who I pray for. There's the woman who comes by and she tells me about the newest movies she's seen. There's tall, thin, carb man (he's watching his carbs). There's a whole host of other customers I could tell you about. The point being that these people make a point to come see me. So, I'm thinking there's a bigger picture here somewhere.

As most of you know, I didn't make Steubenville. This week, I found out I get to go on the CORE retreat! I am very excited. Although, I am physically and extremely emotionally exhausted after this week at work. I'm thinkin' this retreat is exactly what I need, exactly when I need it. There's something He has planned for me. He always has something planned. Inasmuch as I love and need Him. I'm not too keen on walking with Him. It's ALWAYS painful. Yes, yes, I know, I'll be blessed and it's all part of His plan. Still, I'm not into pain, lol. So, I realize this week I was being attacked. And, I probably still am. So, I am choosing to surrender, yet again (a constant process which drives me crazy) and I will go on this retreat and trust that everything at work will work out. And, if that's not enough, I get to look forward to going out with my co-workers next Saturday! We like hanging out and it's hard to do that while working so we try to go out once a month.

Surrendering is hard, but necessary. Whatever each of you are dealing with, know that I am here for each of you. Call on me, anytime, night or day. And remember pain is necessary, suffering is optional! (I know, I know, I'll work on taking my own advice, lol)

Until next time,

I can't remember!

I had all these great ideas of what to tell you guys over the last couple of days. However, after a night out with Amy, all the great ideas are gone! lol

Here's what I can tell you:

~ We had an AWESOME time!
~ We had dinner.
~ We went to Pete's dueling piano bar.
~ We danced.
~ We sang.
~ We got up on stage (per request!!)

~ I so impressed one of the piano players with my lyrical knowledge of Billy Joel, that they bought me a shot. Side note: Since I cannot drink thanks to the meds (and after this week at work, I seriously needed like FOUR shots of tequilla) I did a shot of coke (that's coke-a-cola, not the drug cocaine, lol)

~ I learned new lyrics to "Lucille!"
~ If we never hear the Navy/Marine fight songs again it will be way too soon.

~ We know the true identity of Papa Smurf is.
~ We know what Steve Carell does when in Dallas.
~ We know what truly happens to former members of the Bon Jovi Band.
~ According to the other piano player Amy and I make an AWESOME horn section!!!

~ We sang so much that much to George's delight (and I'm sure my coworkers, lol) my voice is just about gone, lol

Happy birthday AMY!!!! You rock!!! Thanks for another great year of love, support, and friendship! Can't wait to go to Pete's with you again!!!!

May you all be blessed with wonderful friends as I have!
Until next time...