Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pop Goes the Weazel Cause the Weazel Goes Pop!

That's actually one of my favorite songs. Today I was not a weasel, but a gopher. Let me explain. I slipped at work today. Not to worry, I am okay. The only thing bruised is my ego, pride, and derriere. lol. I was in a hurry, there was a little water which I didn't see, and I went down like the Titanic, of course, right in front of the manager. Anywho, no sooner did my buttocks hit the ground ( I used my hand to brace myself) then I popped up like a gopher, lol. After the 'are you okays', I went back to work but kept telling my girlfriend "my buttocks hurts", lol and "man, did you see me pop up like a gopher?" lol We had fun with the gopher one, so today I was a gopher. Why is that that we do that? Whenever we fall down, instead of staying down for like two seconds and assessing the damage, we automatically pop up like the gopher. Is it b/c we think we'll look like less of a tool? Do we think that people will make fun of us? (Usually, they will, but it comes later, after everyone finds out you're okay). I don't know why we do this. About a month a go, the guy who does the dishwasher slipped and went down on his back. He did the gopher too. Like me, he was sore, but okay. Next time you fall down, resist the gopher. Don't give in to him. Stay down for two seconds and do a systems check and make sure all systems are ago and that you are a-o-k.

I learned more peoples names in the building today which I just love. There's Roger, who I formerly called 'carb man' b/c he said he's watching his carbs. There's Jules who is having a hard time with her boss. So, yesterday, I told her to pray for her boss, and I'd pray for her. (I really should take my own advice, lol). I saw her today and told her I was still praying for her and she gave me a hug. There's Denise, who is a Pastor whose church is looking for a youth director. There's Jill whose mom isn't doing well. There's the girl whose name escapes me, but was in a car accident Monday who was back at work yesterday. I gave her a hug and told her I'd pray for her too. Man, it's amazing, when you tell people you'll pray for them they smile and say "thank you", or "I so need it". So far, in the four months I've been there, I'd never had anyone go "No, don't pray for me". I love making people smile. It must be part of my middle child genetic make up. The need to please, the need for approval. I make a point to notice when someone changes their hairstyle, or when the color they're wearing is a particularly good one for them. When they are having a bad day and they don't know what they want for lunch, I let them know that I hope their day gets better and to have a cheeseburger, with bacon. That will make them feel better. Half the time, they actually get the bacon cheeseburger, and they smile. No matter what kind of day I'm having, when they ask me how my day is, I always say "wonderful! I'm always wonderful"! One day, someone asked me, "how is it, you're always wonderful?" And, I told them "if I'm breathing, I'm wonderful!" They smiled and said I had a great attitude :) Little do they know, how I don't like my manager, the one co worker is driving me and another co worker crazy, and I get so overheated at work some days, that I get a massive headache. They don't need to know these things. I am here to brighten their day with a smile and a prayer.

While I enjoy praying for the people at work, I also enjoy admiring God's handywork. I have a minscule crush on the milk man. He's from the Dominican Republic. His name is Knight. Cool name, no!?! Speaking of names, a co workers one year old son is named Brandon Vladimir. Isn't that like the coolest boy name ever? The co worker is from Honduras, maybe that's where Vladimir came from. One of my favorite handyworks of God's is this married couple who eats lunch together everday. I'd say they're in their mid-forties. They are the cutest couple ever! They come to my station just about everyday. It's so great to see a married couple so happy!

Then, I come home and get to marvel at God's handywork even more. I am greeted by Sarah with a huge smile! Then, ten minutes later, I am greeted by Maria, and another ten minutes later, I am greeted by James. Then, finally about 3 hours later, I am greeted by George. I listen all about their days. I sit with them at the table an marvel how God found me worthy to bless me with such a wonderful family. Mind, you, I don't always marvel like I should. Some days, there's less marveling and more pulling my hair out. But still, even if I end up with no hair, I am blessed!

Have a blessed day and avoid the gopher at all costs!
Until next time...

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