Friday, August 1, 2008

I can't remember!

I had all these great ideas of what to tell you guys over the last couple of days. However, after a night out with Amy, all the great ideas are gone! lol

Here's what I can tell you:

~ We had an AWESOME time!
~ We had dinner.
~ We went to Pete's dueling piano bar.
~ We danced.
~ We sang.
~ We got up on stage (per request!!)

~ I so impressed one of the piano players with my lyrical knowledge of Billy Joel, that they bought me a shot. Side note: Since I cannot drink thanks to the meds (and after this week at work, I seriously needed like FOUR shots of tequilla) I did a shot of coke (that's coke-a-cola, not the drug cocaine, lol)

~ I learned new lyrics to "Lucille!"
~ If we never hear the Navy/Marine fight songs again it will be way too soon.

~ We know the true identity of Papa Smurf is.
~ We know what Steve Carell does when in Dallas.
~ We know what truly happens to former members of the Bon Jovi Band.
~ According to the other piano player Amy and I make an AWESOME horn section!!!

~ We sang so much that much to George's delight (and I'm sure my coworkers, lol) my voice is just about gone, lol

Happy birthday AMY!!!! You rock!!! Thanks for another great year of love, support, and friendship! Can't wait to go to Pete's with you again!!!!

May you all be blessed with wonderful friends as I have!
Until next time...

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