Sunday, September 30, 2012


Life doesn't happen like the movies.  At least most times.  I haven't intentionally been hiding out.  Life just took a turn for the weird.

I've been introspective.  Trying to pray more (thanks, Mary!), trying to get things in some sort of order, and in the mean time, have been dealing with a ton of stress.

First off, we are moving locally this year.  Truly, it's the only time we can do it, since in the next two years I will have back to back seniors.  With the arthritis in my knees, going up to bed has just become more difficult.  We have a fabulous realtor whom we adore (thanks, Jenni!!), and are slowly getting the house in order to put on the market.  Then, three weeks ago, everything came crashing to a halt.  Literally.  We were leaving Mass and running to Target.  My son was driving and did an amazing job.  We were all in the minivan.  A guy ran a stop sign and hit us.  I remember the noise, the curb, the spinning.  Airbags were deployed.  We walked away with George getting the brunt of it, which were scratches from his arm from the airbag.  I immediately thanked God that we were all safe.  Our guardian angels were working overtime that day (thank you, Gabriel!).  My friend, Thad, happened upon us and gave me his jacket as it was raining.  Carol took us home and the real fun began.  The minivan was totaled (it was almost paid off! UGH).  Wednesday, I took George, Sarah and myself to the ER.  Sarah's back has been sore, my sciatic nerve is aggravated, and George got a shot.  Then, on Sunday, I took Jaime and Maria.  Three hours on Wednesday and another three hours this day.  Double UGH.  Jaime's back and Maria's neck.  This Tuesday we see an orthopedist (thanks Javier, Joan and all for the recommendations!).

Did you ever fill out one of those stress papers?  You know, have someone close die within the last year, etc.  You know what's on the list?  Buying a house, selling a house, accident.  Yup, I'm just a bit stressed.  Then add in the whole car buying process.  You would think that buying a car would be fun, but not so much.  I'm happy to say that that part is just about finished.

I'm working both school and Bennigan's which I love.  Big changes in Bennigan's lately.  Dealing with that and the house, and the accident, and buying a car, and the insurance company, I am just overly stressed.  So, I have my close group who has known what's been going on and they have been awesome.  From taking me for ice cream and letting me cry (thanks, Tina!) to good morning/good night texts to make me smile (I love you, Shelia), to texting me from a wedding to make sure I'm okay (thank you, Patti!) to asking me how they can pray for me (thanks, Mary!) I have been well covered.  In all this stress, I have been doing a bible study with my Mary.  One of the things that I've read is about enduring your trials with joy and patience.  This makes me laugh because I am the least patient person I know.  So, these past two weeks, I have been really trying to endure with joy and patience.  It hasn't been easy.  Then, at work, I've been singing to myself in my head this song called He Said.  The refrain says "remember what He says "I won't give you more, more than you can take and I might let you bend, but never let you break and no, I'll never let you go".  It's been helpful, especially in the hardest times.

If it's possible, the accident brought us all closer together.  We've always been an especially close family, now even more so.   It's been really beautiful.  And, it is wonderful to know that when I shut out the world, my husband is there waiting for me and it is just us taking on the world.

So, until next time,
Pray for those who have no one to talk to.