Sunday, August 25, 2013

Home, Home on the Range...

Well sad as it is, we're not in Newfoundland anymore.  We've officially been back a week.  I spent the week recalling memories of the trip, looking at pictures, and just missing my friend Rita and Dad and just being.  I was taken aback at just how very much I missed being there.  For me, anyway, God was extremely prevalent there.  Yes, I know, God is everywhere.  But man, he must truly love Newfoundland.  The weather was amazing, the sky, the clouds, the mountains.  The colors!  The Trans Canadian Highway (TCH) has no billboards, just trees.  That it.  Nothing to obscure your view from extreme beauty.  While I was ready to come home as I missed the kids and my dog, I was not happy to be back (after the initial hello's that is).  It's hot.  Way hot.  There's billboards everywhere, there's stuff everywhere.  Lots and lots and lots of noise.   It took the week to get back into the swing of things.  Work started back up and we're in full swing again starting tomorrow.

Our vacation has had a profound affect on our marriage as well.  It was so beautiful to watch my husband relax.  We had no where to be and that's what we did.  We just were.  Of course we saw a ton in Newfoundland thanks to the world's best tour guide, Dad!  But, just having all the time with my husband, no kids, no dog, no meetings, no errands, no running the kids hither and yon.  It was priceless.  The whole trip was priceless.   I came away from the week with a love for another country other than my own, relaxed, and with a new piece added to my heart for my friend Rita.

I can't say I'm ready to go back to work.  I mean, who really looks forward to being a lunch lady?  lol, but I gotta do what I gotta do.  So, I'll do it with a smile!

I've been working on a few projects this summer.  No news on any of them.  UGH!  Trust me, as soon as I have even one completed, I'll let you know!  I've learned a lot about myself this summer.  I've grown in spirit as well as my waistline lol And, I am working on this whole patience thing (I promise Rita!!!  I'm working on it! lol).  And, yet once again, for the gazilionth time, I am giving everything to God while trying not to worry and take things back.  You know, because He needs my help. 
Last night I attended Mass and one of the songs they sang was my favorite.  Jesus, be my everything.  And, as I am singing and walking up to the Eucharist, the words struck me and I started to cry.  Jesus truly is my everything.  I come to him for just about everything (why not everything?  I don't know) and if that's the case, why don't I give him everything?  If I truly would do anything for Him, than why don't I?  It was very moving for me.

Then, on the way home from Mass, the girls and I were talking and Sarah says "I was asking Jesus about what outfit I should come up with for ComiCon".  At this point Maria starts to laugh and says "Did you really ask Him that?  That's awesome!"  Then, I told them how now, I'm good.  That I know I'm not the best mom, that I have bad days, and that I feel I don't teach them anything.  But if my daughter feels she can talk to Jesus about something as minute (not minute to her mind you) about a costume for ComiCon, then I have taught them well and that's all I needed, to know that they have the best kind of faith ever.  That they can ask Jesus for anything and talk to Him about anything and everything.  Side note, Sarah is only allowed to go to ComiCon if her grades are good and I get to go with her.  Now, what should my costume

Well, as much as I'd love to sit here and play on the computer all day, I have to go grocery shopping for the week, make lunches, make the menu for the week, change the sheets on my bed and get dinner started.  It's official, I'm back from vacation. lol

Until next time,
Pray for the men of St. Michael's  parish who are attending the CRHP retreat this weekend.


Friday, August 16, 2013

Days Six & Seven

Yesterday was day six.  Dad, George, and I went to the fluvarium.  It was really interesting.  You could see the river from the bottom level of the fluvarium straight in to see fish.  However, because of the rain overnight, it stirred up all the sediment and it was brown and murky.  It also had reptiles, frogs and fish in aquariums.  I liked the frogs the best.

After the fluvarium, we went to the Government House.  The grounds and the house are extremely beautiful.  George says I keep using that word too much.  Being here in Newfoundland, I can't help it.  Everything is truly beautiful.  Sue me or buy me a Thesaurus lol.

Today is day seven.  Our penultimate day touring here.  Tomorrow we go to bed early as our plane on Sunday departs at five a.m.  Or to use a term I learned here..o dark stupid lol.  Today, we made it to Cape Spear after a few days of trying.  It only rained two out of the nine that we are here and yesterday was overcast.  You want to do Cape Spear where you can see everything!  It is the easternmost point in North America!  I was there!  I have pictures!!!  After Cape Spear, we made our way to St. Thomas Anglican church which again, is beautiful.  The stained glass windows are stunning!  We rounded out the day with a trip to the harbor at Quidi Vidi and my personal favorite, Tors Cove.  Wait till you see the pictures!  So breathtaking!

Newfoundland is truly a beautiful place.  I cannot wait to come back and I haven't even left yet.

Until next time,
Pray for my friends husband whose having surgery today.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day Five!

Today we started out at the GEO Center.  It's very cool with a Titanic exhibit which is well worth the trip.  I learned so much about the Titanic and that's cool.  Then, the Center is self guided about the mountains and rocks all of Newfoundland.  It was really interesting.

From there we went to lunch at Tim Horton's.  They have the best coffee and I swear if they hit the states where my beloved Dunkin Donuts are, Dunkin's would go out of business.  After lunch we made our way to the Railway Museum.  Again, lots of interesting information.

Then, we came home.  It's been a beautiful rainy 15c today.  That's about 62 degrees.  I am loving this weather!

This trip has been amazing.  It is simply beautiful here.  The view of the ocean from the back porch and the kitchen is something I could definitely get used to!  It's a much slower pace.  People walk everywhere.  You can be driving and there's nothing on either side of you but evergreen trees.  All of a sudden, you spot someone walking on the side of the road!  It's a little jarring at first like "Where did they come from?!!  Where are they going?!"

That's about it for today.  No pictures for today either.  However, if we go where we want to go tomorrow then there will be pictures.

Until then,
Please pray for my friends house to sell.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day Four!

Today's blog is going to be brief.
It's late.
I'm tired.

Today we went on Gatherall's Puffin and Whale watch.  Beautiful.  Absolutely beautiful!  No whales, lots of Puffins.

Had lunch at a poutineire.  That would be a place that sells poutine.  Poutine is fries with gravy and cheese curds.  Cheese curds are when you are making cheese and you squeeze it through the cheese cloth.  What's left in the cheese cloth is cheese curds.  You can get your poutine with a ton of different toppings.  I had the bacon cheeseburger.  Yum!

Afterwards, we toured St. John the Baptist Anglican Cathedral and then the Basilica of St. John the Baptist (Catholic).  Very cool.

We were able to see the Newfoundland War Memorial and a Park whose name escapes me.

We came home and later had supper with some friends of Dads.

Big day, lots of fun!

Until next time,
Pray for my friends house to sell.


Monday, August 12, 2013

Days Two and Three

Sunday, we started out with Mass at Holy Cross church.  I mentioned to George how cool it is to be Catholic, how no matter where I go, what country I go, the Mass is still the same.  The church itself is beautiful.  It's an older church and there were not a lot of young people in attendance.  However, there was this one little girl, walking age, so barely two.  First, this little girl was being loud.  Then she would yell.  Finally, her parents let her do whatever she wanted.  What she wanted was to walk up and down the isle and smile.  Apparently, she knew an older gentleman in the band.  She would wave to him and he would smile at her.  At one point, I was thinking "where are the parents?"  I found the cute girl to be cute, but annoying.  I wanted to enjoy the Mass.  Then, the little girl was making her way to the Altar.  My first thought was a gasp in my head.  She can't go up there!  Especially, when Mass is going on.  Her father came and retrieved her.  Then, Bob reminded me "let the little children come to me, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these".  From then on, I concentrated on the Mass and enjoyed the smiles of the little girl. 

After Mass, we went off the St. Johns to the Rooms.  It's a beautiful museum and I fell in love with the work of artist Mary Pratt

They look just like photographs, but they're not.  They're paintings!  I have been looking the past evening online to find posters or prints to no avail.  However, feel free to purchase a painting for me for the low price of $10,000.  Lol.

After the rooms, we stopped at Tim Horton's for yummy coffee.  Then, we headed off to a small flea market where I picked up a beautiful sugar and creamer set.  I'd take a picture, but it's all wrapped to come home.  Remind me and I'll take one when I get back home.  Finally, it was time for dinner and we went to Montana's and had amazing ribs!

This morning, we drove to Cupid's where we toured their Legacy Center.  It is very cool and I recommend it as a must see.
After that, we stopped for lunch at Mary Brown's and then headed to Father Duffy's Well.  We came back home and had dinner and now we are done for the day.

It has been such a beautiful few days here.  I have never seen grass so green nor water so blue.  The weather has been nothing but perfect.  Highs of 21c.  I can honestly say, I have never been so relaxed or enjoyed anything more in recent years.  I have my husband, Dad, good friends and God.  What more could anyone ask for?

Until next time,
Please pray for my dear friends husband who needs additional heart surgery.


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Day One

Day One.

After not sleeping well for two nights, yesterday I awoke at the ungodly time of 2:55AM.   I showered and dressed and by 3:40, George and I began our adventure as my brother-in-law Brian drove us to the airport.  That right there, that's Love.

Once at the airport, we checked our bags and proceeded to security.  The lovely agent scanned my passport and said "you're breaking it in!"  I gushed like a kid and said how it was my first passport ever.  Then, it was time for breakfast.  How Burger King was open before my beloved Dunkin Donuts I'll never know. 

While on the plane, I did manage to get a little sleep.  Three hours later we arrived in Toronto.  We have to go through customs.  Easy breasy.  Then, wait for it...BAM!  I got a stamp in my passport!  I felt like Sandra Bullock in While You Were Sleeping when she finally got a stamp in her passport.  We had to pick up our checked bags and then take them to another baggage drop.  Then, we stopped at A&W for some fries and gravy YUM!.  And, then another three hour flight!  Air Canada is awesome.  They have displays on the headrest in front of you.  You can watch movies, tv, listen to music, whatever you like.

The excitement was palpable!  We arrived and as we came down the escalator to baggage, there he stood.  One of the greatest sights I've ever seen.  Dad waiting for us.  I smiled and waved like I was three or something.  I was just so excited!

On the way home, we stopped at a place called Ches's.  I had the fin & fowl.  A piece of fried chicken and a piece of fried cod plus a generous helping of fries (with gravy of course) that would put Mooyah's to shame.  See, I was hedging my bets.  I wanted to try something new, the cod.  And, if I didn't like it, I still had the chicken!  Smart girl!  What can I say, I have my moments! lol  Turns out, I loved it all!

We finally arrived home and I finally got to meet Rita and Kevin and their family face to face.  I've known them for years, but never have actually had the pleasure of meeting them face to face.  You will not find more lovely, genuine people, ever.

Today, I posted the pictures of everywhere we visited today.  Cabot's Tower at Signal Hill, Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto, in Flat Rock, seals in Logy Bay just to name a few.  While it was busy, and I've been excited and constantly smiling like an idiot, I didn't feel remotely rushed.  For lunch we ate at Mary Brown's, similar to KFC.  And tonight Kevin made a delicious dinner.

That's all I've got for now.  I'm just a tad tired.  Jet lag and all the excitement I guess.  I hope all is well with all of you.

Until next time,
Pray for a friend.


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Jane, Mr. Rochester, and Forgiveness

I love books.  Even that is too bland a statement.  I devour books.  Well, certain books.  Non-fiction and science fiction just don't do it for me.  But the classics, and others...please...there's no place I'd rather be on any given day (unless my husband isn't working then, I'm happily with him!).

I also like when certain books turn into movies.  Sometimes, I see the movie first.  One of my favorite books from junior high was Jane Eyre.  I confess that I loved it at the time, but then as the years went on, various versions came out, and there's one I love in particular the 2011 version.  The movie is full of mystery and romance.  I found the romance between Jane and Mr. Rochester to be beautiful, all the glances and hand touching (quite dull compared with today's movies but I love it nonetheless).  Then, I read a book that made me see it from a different perspective.  How Mr. Rochester was selfish.  He treated Jane rather unfairly and without giving any spoilers away, did something unforgivable.  Yet, no matter after reading the book, and knowing the ending, the story is about forgiveness.  That love can forgive anything, or rather, just about anything.  How forgiveness makes us 'all together human" (a quote from the movie).

Yesterday afternoon, I was not the best version of myself to my daughters.   I didn't do anything horrible mind you.  Nothing, like Mr. Rochester, but, it was not one of my best moments.  Today, at different times, I spoke with both of my daughters and owned my mistakes and asked and received their forgiveness.

Now, being their mom, I could've easily passed it off.  I woke up better, everyone was happy.  I didn't have to bring it up.  Forget about it.  I'm sure they had.  However, I had not.  It's important to me that my children (I'm sorry, my teenagers) realize the affect words and actions can have, whether you're having a bad day or not.  They need to learn to ask for forgiveness even if the person that needs to grant it didn't think they did anything wrong.  They need to learn how to ask and how to grant forgiveness.  You don't have to grant forgiveness right away.  There are times when I have said and have been told "I will forgive you, but I'm not there right now".  That is perfectly acceptable.

I've passed on my love of reading to my girls (my son left that gene in the womb on the way out I think).  I've passed on our families recipes, I've passed on our love for music.  More importantly, I've passed on our morals and values and our faith.  It's not just in the big moments where they learn, it's in the little everyday moments too.  And, I give them plenty to learn the art of forgiveness.

Until next time,
If you messed up (no worry, I still love you as does God), ask for forgiveness.  If I've hurt any of you out there, please forgive me too.