Saturday, August 16, 2008


Lots of stuff to tell. It's been a weird two weeks. I've been in some sort of parallel dimension at work. It went really well. Quite odd after the crap laden weeks that I was having.

I've survived the month without my Carol. That was difficult, but I did it. She comes home this weekend (YEA!!!!). I have been well taken care of between Kim, Tina, Patti and my friend Mary from work.

School is about to start in a week. I'm excited for the kids. Not so much for me. Even though I'm working, I'll miss them. Lots.

Speaking of kids, I learned something today. James has man hands. How and when this phenomenon happened, I have no idea. But we went out to dinner tonight and as we were walking from the car to the restaurant, he grabbed my hand (truth be told, this is one of my favorite things that he does. He's 14 and is still affectionate and thinks it nothing to randomly put his hand in mine as we are walking) and my hand felt so tiny in his. Like he was the adult and I was a little kid. His thumbs look like sausages. However, there is something comforting with my little mom hand in his big man hand. Comfort in knowing that he is growing up. Comfort in knowing that God has a plan for him. And, comfort in knowing that he isn't too old to hold my hand. That's pretty cool if you ask me and it's still cool even if you don't.

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