Monday, August 25, 2008

Things I've noticed the past couple days

~ The amazingly beautiful sunset as I drove to my friends house Friday for our monthly evening out.

~ The teens waiting for confession Sunday before Mass. It was great to see them taking this beautiful sacrament so seriously.

~ The number of teens who came to the LifeSavers Mass. It was truly beautiful to see.

~ The excitement/nervousness in my kids as we drove them to school this morning.

~ The fake smile I noticed for the first time on my daughter when I asked if she was okay this morning. She get's that from me.

~ Seeing Deacon Ron at Mass this morning. Way cool.

~ How beautiful my friend Julie looked sitting next to her Mom and Dad at Mass this morning. It's so beautiful to see her with her parents at Mass.

~ How handsome my husband looked this morning as we had our annual first day of school breakfast at McDonald's.

~ How God decided to not only give me my humble sock today, but He also added humble underwear. Apparently, I truly am too big for my britches, lol.

~ The kindness in a co-worker who isn't normally kind.

~ The smiling faces of customers when I noticed their new hair do's.

I had the weirdest day. It started out bittersweet. I had breakfast with George and the kids and we took them to school. I say bittersweet b/c I am immensely happy that they are growing into such beautiful, faith-filled young adults. However, they are growing up so fast and it breaks my heart. After we dropped the last kid off and only after, did I dare cry, as I do every year.

The day got better as I headed to Mass. However, once I got out of the car to walk into Mass and started to walk, I realized I was wearing my humble sock, and now, humble underwear. Great. The day got better as I knew I was going to receive the Eucharist this morning. It was hard to concentrate on the Mass as my mind was with my kids and the excitement of the Eucharist. I haven't attended daily Mass for roughly four months. I forgot how beautiful starting your day with Jesus was!

Once I got to work, it felt odd coming in late (even though I had permission, lol). At one point, I kept waiting for a shoe to drop. The air around work felt ominous. Then, I said a rosary and decided that the devil was probably attacking me again and I chose to not think about the ominous feeling. I figured whatever happens is gonna happen. And, then, a co worker I'm really fond of tells me he put in his two week notice. He needs to take care of his kids. While, I'm happy for him, I am sad b/c he is a huge part of what made the job so enjoyable. But in the end, I ended up having a really good day. That could also be b/c my workday got caught in half, lol.

I hope you are all having a blessed day. Remember, if you are feeling Psalm 142, then try some Psalm 139!

Until next time,

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