Sunday, July 20, 2008

It was only one sentence

But it threw me for a loop. I was forewarned that it was coming. And, truth be told, I was looking forward to it. But, a week passed and I had totally forgotten about it. Then, I heard it and it was jarring. I made George play it twice more. Against his wishes.

Let me explain. Dad and Christine (George's sister) went to Quebec for their 400th anniversary (Quebec, not Dad and Christine)and he had video taped some of their trip. Dad made us a copy and we were going to watch it simultaneously and he would narrate what we were watching. He explained the the tape that he used was an older tape and had about 30 seconds of Mom on there so not to be jarred. That was a while ago. I totally forgot. So, when we put on the tape, there she was. It wasn't seeing her that was jarring. It was hearing her.

See, I talked to Mom (and Dad) every week without fail. In addition to any other time I felt like talking to her. It's been seven months since I've heard her voice. A simple sentence was all she said. But hearing her voice, hearing my Mom was beautifully jarring. As I mentioned before, I asked George to play it again, twice more. Against his better judgment, he did. I listened to my Mom, and I cried. It was so beautiful to hear her. To hear the laughter in her voice, the love in her voice.

Sometimes, right after she passed, I would replay conversations we have had just so I could hear her voice. But as time has moved on, it has gotten harder to remember her voice. It comforts me to know, that I have to only press play to hear her for a few brief seconds.

Missing Mom more everyday. Until next time, God bless you all.


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Anonymous said...

Gina, it was the anniversary of the City of Quebec not the province