Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I miss my Carol. She's been gone only four days. Count 'em, four! Since she's been gone and left me to my own devices, I've managed to get into all sorts of trouble.

~ After our dinner Friday is when I found out about John.
~ Saturday was when I talked to his mom and spent 24 hours in shock.
~ Tuesday was my Grace time.

All things I would call Carol to share and get her sage wisdom.
All which I cannot do as she is out of email contact until early next week.

So, I tend to play 'What Would Carol Say?' with myself. It pales in comparison.

I am tired. Not only b/c of work, also b/c I had to get up at the butt-crack of dawn today to be at work early. Also, b/c the Holy Spirit is playing wack-a-mole with my emotions...I so wanted to go on the Stubenville trip to St. Louis this weekend, but I couldn't b/c their wasn't room. I've been on the waiting list forEVER! Then, this Sunday I checked and they had room so it turned out I was going. I was SO PSYCHED!!!!! Then, yesterday, I get a call that some students needed room and of course I gave up my space. I mean "HELLO!" it is for the teens anyway. So, I will go next year. I'm still a little bummed. Oh, and I'm tired b/c Maria had a sleep over yesterday that is still going on. The girl is adorable. However, They are EXTREMELY LOUD! Which normally isn't a bad thing, but George works from home on Wednesday's. It made it just a tad difficult.

Jaime is going to Stubenville this weekend. It will be great for him. However, I will miss him. He is growing like a weed this summer. He's even gaining weight!!!

But, I digress...I miss my Carol and can't wait until she has communication with the outside world. Well, forget the outside world, just communication with me. I know it's selfish. I hope she's having an absolutely marvelous time on her vaca. Lord knows she deserves the rest and relaxation. But I am selfish. And, she is not just my best friend, she's my bestest friend. She's my sister. She's the yin to my yang. The raspberry to my chocolate milano cookie. And, I don't function so great without her.

Carol~hope you're having a fantabulous time! I miss you and I love you lots!

Until next time,

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