Sunday, July 13, 2008

I love my job!

Everyday, I come home from work and George asks me how my day was. On more than one occasion, I have told him "It was a great day in my head!" lol

Here's these two videos. The first with Tom Hanks makes me laugh every time I get a burger for someone. In my head I hear "Sheryl, you're burgers ready!" lol And, in the Natalie Portman video I hear in my head "What can I get for YOU today?" That last one, I even say out loud and try not to laugh.

Jeff likes to tell me that I'm funny in any language (thanks, Jeff!). Imagine how much funnier I am in my head! lol Like Alf used to say "I crack myself up!" Yes, sadly, I just quoted Alf.

Enjoy the videos! Until we meet again.

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