Friday, July 4, 2008

Stars and Stripes and the Great Grill Fiasco of 2008

Happy Independence Day!

So here's how our day began....I got up at 6. Yes, I do know what I was thinking. Basically, 6 am is sleeping in for me and if I sleep any later, I get a big headache so I decided to get up. George decided we were going to clean the grill and grill out this evening. It's been a while since we used the grill and by a while I mean at least a year.

We took off the grates and sprayed them down. So far, so good. Clean out the inside? Check! Then we went to remove the drip pan. This took about 10 minutes. We then cleaned the pan and went to put it back in. This took about 30 minutes. Yes, 30 minutes to put in the drip pan. It turns out that the bottom of our grill had melted down somehow (and had a hole in it) and made it near impossible to put the drip pan back in. But two angry adults, one hammer, and 30 minutes later, it was back in and all systems were ago.

Or so we thought.

It's time to grill out! Woo hoo! Now, the ignite button won't work. So, no grilling tonight.

At this point, George and I are not just angry, we were a whole bunch of adjectives. So, we then decided (like we do every year) that we were just going to stay home and skip fireworks this year. Then at 9pm we look at each other and decide to go to the fireworks (just like we decide every year).

Now, we're at the fireworks. We went to the movie theater on Legacy. They were beautiful to watch. I love watching the fireworks. I thought back to two years ago when by brother was In Afghanistan. And, how this year he is in Iraq. I prayed for his safe return and the safe return of all those who are over there fighting for our freedom. Then, I thought back to my high school years. My Junior and Senior ones to be exact. You want fireworks? You haven't seen anything until you have experienced the fourth of July on a military base. I can recall vividly the fireworks on Burba Lake. The Army band playing patriotic songs. It's more American than baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and chevrolet combined.

So, there we were, in this field at the movie theater my husbands arm around my shoulder. I look off into the distance as the girls wandered off. They had their arms over each others shoulders. It's hard to believe that not a few hours ago, they were arguing. Of course over something life-threatening to them, but inconsequential to me. James was the news reporter. "Did you see that one?" "I like this one" and on and on. But as I watched my family and the fireworks (and got bitten to no end), I thanked God for being born in this great country and for my beautiful family.

At the end of the day, I had no grilled burger (we had Taco Bell), no working grill, and no brother home. But, I was surrounded by the people that I love and that made everything better.

As you spend your three day weekend away from work (hopefully) please take a minute and say a prayer for our men and women fighting overseas. That they may return to their loved ones safe and sound.

Until we meet again...

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