Sunday, October 19, 2008

When they say there's nothing in Killeen, they're not kidding. Seriously. There's not even roadkill in Killeen! They do have a Wal-mart (on steroids!) and a H.E.B. (on steroids!) and cows. Lots of cows. The cows are not on steroids (that I know of, lol). I came back late this afternoon. I had a fabulous time!

My adventure started out not so good. I went to Sarah's softball game at 8:30am (they lost 15-2). Then, I had the great idea to take Sarah out to Allen Cafe for breakfast. We get home and talk to Dad. It was so great! I hadn't talked to him for over a week! Then, I had to rush to pack (so far so good) then we go to see Jaime at his robotics competition. This is the not so good part. How people can function at this competition is beyond me. There's no schedule of what kid is going in what round so that we could be there. For example, Jaime calls and says I'm going on in 13 minutes. We get there in round 26 (each round is 3 minutes). Turns out he's going in round 30! So, we stick around till round 30 and he didn't even go. At this point, he didn't know when he was going to go and I had to get going to Tina's so we could leave. So, I didn't get to see my son compete. Turns out, he went right after we left! Like I said, poorly run. (end of not so good part :)

So, I arrive at Tina's and we throw my stuff in the van and head off to Killeen! Mike had already left on his motorcycle (he decided to come to Kileen that day). We met up with Mike in Hillsboro for a pit stop. I've known Tina for a few years now and while she and I have gotten extremely close, Mike is more of a behind the scenes guy. On this trip I learned a lot. I learned that when I'm tired I really can't pronounce words well (look! haMcrafted furniture!), I learned that all my friends have awesome families who share, love and talk with each other, that my family is the true example for a dysfunctional family, and that Mike totally rocks.

Let me explain. While at the pit stop in Hillsboro, Nathan was given a breathing treatment. No prob. Nathan however, was *extremely* over tired. While Tina was wrangling Nathan, Mike was unbelievably calm. He used a soothing voice to talk to Nathan and calm him down so he could take his treatment. After we got back on the road, I said to Tina "I can see why you love Mike." He was so gentle with Nathan. It was way cool. But wait, there's more!

We were in church this morning (yes, I went to the nine am mass! Can you believe it! lol) Mike was in front of me and during the sign of peace, he turned around and gave me a hug. But, this wasn't one of those guy-barely touch you on the back-hugs, this was a *hug*. And then he said "thanks for coming!" and he meant it! Wow, as if this day couldn't get any better. But wait, there's still more!

After church we go home and have breakfast. Then all the kids go for a ride with Grandpa and while we're standing in the driveway waving good-bye Mike pops off with "I'm gonna take Gina for a ride." Ummmmm. Okay............ Here's what you have to know, about two or three months ago, I got to see Mike's bike. It's way cool. And I commented that I'd never ridden and how cool that would be. That was months ago and Mike remembered. So, Tina puts the helmet on me and I said "I'm terrified". She said not to be. I'm thinking "ooooookay!" Then as I got on the bike I said "If I'm not back in five..." and she finished with "we'll come looking for you!" As we headed out I was holding on to the bike and was a little nervous but you know what? It was the most fun I have had in what seems like forever! I was afraid going around the turns, but Mike is an excellent driver (no rainman pun intended!) The views were amazing! The mountains, the livestock, the breeze, it was all so beautiful. I could easily see why Mike likes riding. There's something about it, a word I can't figure out. I want to say heavenly but that's not right. Although, I did say a quick prayer when we started out that we wouldn't crash (lol), there was something about taking in all that beauty on such an amazing day with a guy I've known for a while but not really known. This man has watched his wife and I grow closer. He has watched as I have become friends with his kids. He's gladly hung out with his kids so Tina and I can go out and blow off steam and dance. He gladly lent me his wife as she was there as I mourned the loss of Mom. And, here he was sharing something that he loves to do with me. Very cool. While I had a great time meeting her parents and Nancy and seeing Susan and Peter again, the highlight of the weekend was bonding with Mike. Suffice it to say that while Mike likes to be the behind the scenes guy, that's no longer the case. He rocks and there's nothing he can do about it.

We took a picture of me and Mike on the bike when I get it, I'll post it! And, I'll post more about the trip later.

Until next time,
Treat yourself to a banana pudding shake from Sonic's. They totally rock (just like Mike!)


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