Monday, October 6, 2008

My Husband Rocks

Have you met my husband, George? He totally rocks. He was gone this weekend. All weekend. But it was for a good cause. He was putting on CRHP for St. Marks. I was especially blessed this weekend. While he was gone, I spent most of the weekend with Tina (Myers). We had a blast, we always do. I was also blessed b/c while George was gone, I was still able to talk to him. The greatest advantage of him being weekend facilitator is he gets a phone! lol He would text me occasionally to check in and it was wonderful. Then, I got to see him when I had the priveledge of serving the men dinner. And I got to see him before Mass.

Then, last night, he came home. You know, he doesn't go away that often (which is truly a good thing). I miss him when he's away. But, when returns, there's always joy. I know I take George for granted. I don't mean to, it just happens, but when he comes home, we hold each other a little tighter, sit a little closer, and smile a little longer. There's more to returning home from being away then just returning to a house. When he comes home (even from being at work) my day gets better, my smile gets brighter and my heart fills more than I thought it ever could.

I remember about 8 years ago, I was going to college (shout out to Charleston Southern University). I was in my speech class and I forget what the speech was, but I remember George was a big part of it. I even wore a shirt that I made that said "George Rocks!" It was funny b/c the class thought I meant George Bush, lol. I *so* did not mean that George, lol!

Eight years later, my husband still rocks. It's the little things he does or says that makes me love him even more. For instance, I had an icky day at work today. I goofed up an order in a big way (can you say raw chicken finger?). I was not happy and on my lunch called George. Of course, he does his husbandly duty and listens and consoles me, but then he said something. He said "you need to let it roll of your back. I know how hard that is for you." It was the last part. He does know. He knows, b/c he knows me. The real me. The one that is far from perfect, but tries to be a perfectionist anyway. The one who wants to please everyone but herself.

My husband rocks. He truly does. I am blessed beyond all measure that God thought me worthy enough to be his wife. So, if you see George around church or Kroger, tell him he rocks and that his wife says she loves him!

Until next time,
Hug your husband, tell him you love him and kiss him like you mean it.
PS. I am *so* over the moon, Carol is coming to have lunch with me tomorrow!!!!

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