Thursday, October 2, 2008

God is weird, but so am I

I know I'm not the only one God likes to mess with. He'll pop up with something out of the blue and I'll respond with "Dude, what have you been smokin'?" And, He laughs and repeats Himself.

Today was one of those days. God was seriously smokin' a big fatty and I was the one who ended up with the headache. lol. I was about an hour into work this morning. I was lamenting to God that I wish it wasn't taco salad day. Taco salad days are my busiest days. I do anywhere between 75-100 salads. The yukiest part is making the shells (bowls). I'm standing in front of the frier for like E V E R! (Okay, 30 minutes but it feels like forEVER!). But, I digress. The chef comes to me and asks if I want to help out at another account today b/c they're shorthanded. Before my brain is in gear, before I have my morning coffee, before I can form a thought, I hear myself say "okay". Huh? Wha? So, I ask where the account is (somewhere in Dallas) and agree to go. I go to see the evil troll who is the manager and she asks if I want to work there tomorrow too b/c "I was going to give you off tomorrow." Let's see, drive to bfe two days in a row or have a Friday off...hmmm. Yea, tough call. I tell her no thanks, I'll take the day off.

I then proceed back to the chef who gives me toll money (score) and awesome directions. Guess where I drove to? Guess? I don't think most of you realize my fear of driving in Dallas. I've been here five years and the farthest I'll go is Spring Valley/Beltline. That was till a couple months ago when a friend was at Medical City and I drove *all the way down there*. George was kind not to give me too much grief..."you wont drive to have lunch with me, but you'll drive to the hospital?" He has a point, the hospital is directly behind his work. Like throw a rock close. Anywho, I don't drive the hi-5. I don't drive to the airport, and I don't drive 635.

Remember a couple paragraphs ago I told you God was smokin' a big fatty? He had me drive all of that! I was in Las Colinas. I drove toll roads on the way from my job and 635 and the hi-5 home. Oh, and I was litterally 10 minutes from the airport! I was *so* nervous going there, but I prayed the whole way. The people were nice and the day thankfully went by fast. I was so proud of myself today! That was a huge thing for me (just ask Carol and George!).

Like I was saying, God is weird, but so am I. I am in good company :)

Until next time,
Stay away from the fattys, face a fear today. Be proud of yourself. I'm proud of you :)

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