Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Let the little children come unto me

For the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.

Please, please, please pray for the unborn! Remember when I picked up the bat phone last week? I feel very strongly that I am being called to pray for all those considering abortion and for this election. I have a very dear friend, Sharon who ministers to me without even knowing it. Yesterday, she was called to go to Pittsburgh (woohooo!) to silently protest at an Obama rally. She described the poster she held up. It was the Malachi poster. Malachi meaning "witness". It is a picture of the poster you see here. This was way out of her comfort zone (cz) and she asked for prayers since this was out of her cz. So, I am taking a page from my Sharon.

If obama wins this election, it means an untold number of murders against the unborn! While I don't mean to offend anyone with my political views, the benefit of having your own blog is you can say what you want. Obama scares the you-know-what out of me. What scares me more are the catholics who believe that they can vote for him. As Catholics we cannot in good conscience vote for him. A vote for obama is a vote for murder. I must admit to you that I was once one of these Catholics. You know the type. We go to church on Sunday. If we eat meat on Friday's during lent, well, it's okay, we forgot. Confession is a once a year occurance if that. And, we never, ever get involved in the parish. And the bat phone? You can forget about that, we don't answer. In my twenties, I was pro-choice. "but it's my body! Who are you to tell me what to do with it!" But, it's not my body. It's Christ's. Then, as I got older, I got a little wiser. And, I went to crhp and my light turned on. My Christ light. It's a light that cannot be extinguished!

Look, I don't claim to be elloquent. I don't claim to be politically correct. I don't claim to be a Rhode's schollar. And, I don't claim to know all there is to know about my Catholic faith. However, I DO KNOW that life begins at conception! I DO KNOW that the bible says 'Thou shal not commit murder'! I do know that Jesus said 'Bring the little children unto me'! Some of you will find this hard to believe, but this post, this topic, being this vocal about a cause, is WAY out of my comfort zone. But, God chose to call ME, and I chose to pick up the bat phone. I chose to say 'YES'. Please pray with me and for me. Please, please pray for those Catholics who don't know any better to read and listen and learn. For a conversion of their hearts. Please pray for McCain to win the election. Please pray for those MILLIONS of unborn.

Some of my favorite signs I've seen I'd like to share:

If it's not a baby, you're not pregnant!
I survived Roe vs. Wade
Did you ever notice that all the people who support abortion have already been born?
Your lack of planning is not my emergency.
As a former fetus I oppose abortion.
Legally, if someone kills a pregnant woman, it counts as two murders.
and my personal favorite...

"Since 1973 1/3 of my generation has been slaughtered by abortion at the rate of 4000 babies per day. My friends...My classmates...My generation compromised by the selfishness of others. As a survivor I will not let future generations be slaughtered in the name of convenience. I will not be silent. I will not forget. I will not compromise!"

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Until next time,
Take time to stop and smell the flowers in awe of the wonder of God (thanks, Tina!), vote for McCain, and pray for an end to abortion.

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