Sunday, May 6, 2012

Peanuts, the Bishop, and Fr. Tim!

I must confess that since the retreat, I've started more of my days with rice than with peanuts.  More so than I'd like to admit.  Sure, I have peanuts at some point, but I'm not starting my day with them.

Bob is really cool, have I told you that lately?  Yesterday, I went to church to watch my nephew Ben get confirmed.  On top of that, my son was asked to assist Bishop Farrel during conformation, so I was doubly excited!  As my family and I were walking in the parking lot to the church, one of my dear friends stopped me and asked if I could do her a huge favor.  Of course I said 'yes'.  Her daughters sponsor was unable to make conformation and asked if I could fill in!  I was so excited!  How sweet was that?  Then, during the Mass, her daughter and I got the Eucharist from the Bishop!  Yea buddy!  After we got back to our seats, I pointed that out and excited, we fist bumped!  What can I say, we some cool Catholics!

Watching my nephew get confirmed and watching my son on the altar was so cool!  I was a proud mama and Aunt!  Ben has grown into quite an amazing young man.  And, I love getting to be the cool Aunt and corrupting him in good ways the way a good Aunt should :D

Then, this morning, we went off to Mass.  It was truly the first time in a while that I have been fully present during a homily (yesterday notwithstanding.  Loved the Bishops homily on living our faith).  I even took notes.  I don't know if I was running on my great weekend high (Friday evening was spent with one of my best friends Amy at the Bret Michaels concert and samba dancing afterwards on top of all the fun from Saturday's day of celebrating my nephew and then my kids at the AHS bowling banquet) or what, but I was so present today during the homily.  Fr. Tim's homilies are usually good, but not "I gotta write this down" good.  I knew at one point that I had to write it down.  He talked about the Ten Commandments and then he talked about ten other things we should work on.

1.  Life is not for experimenting.
2.  Life an unselfish life.
3.  Help the poor.
4.  Sacrificial love is different than ordinary love.  The world wills how you ordinary love.  The church will show you sacrificial love.
5.  We have a problem with things.
6.  If all you have to show for your life is your money, you are not courageous.
7.  People are more important than things.
8.  To lose your dignity is worse than losing your life.
9.  Friends must be cultivated.
10.  You have a calling God wants you to do.  He uses the calling to change us and perfect us.  It will be difficult.  Is is the only way we will find happiness.  God wants us to be happy.

I wish I could have wrote faster and could tell you what he said in detail about each one, but if you go to, you can find the podcast of the homily.  It is well worth the listen!

So, what a wonderful weekend this was.  Full of lots of love, blessings, and peanuts.  And, while I will try to start my day with them, the point is that I have them throughout my day, all day, everyday.  There is nothing better!

Until next time,
Pray for all of those who got confirmed this weekend.


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