Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back to school

So, a year ago, I was emotional as it was my son's senior year in high school.  I had a plan how the year was going to go and that a year from then (now) he'd be off in college.  I'd be missing him something fierce and getting the girls ready for their sophomore and junior years respectively.

Ahhh ha ha ha ha ha!  That was a good one!  I don't know what I was thinking!  I can't tell you how many come to Jesus moments I had with my son his senior year.  I can't tell you how bittersweet I felt about him leaving and going off to college!  Then he graduated.  I went through the whole "my baby is all grown up when did this happen" thing.  Then, as June progressed, and I started to cry over my son leaving, we soon became aware that he might not be leaving home.  So, I decided I wasn't going to cry.  I was going to save my tears until he actually left.  You know, why waste good tears.

That was one of my more brilliant ideas.  Turns out, due to lack of housing, my son is attending Collin this year.  Fine and dandy.  NOT.  I was all prepared for him to leave!  The girls were finally going to have their own rooms!  He was going to sink or swim on his own and I wasn't going to have to play lifeguard anymore!  I feel like a kid.  All my friends kids are going off to college and not living at home!  But, God has a plan.  I just threw up a little.  I hate that saying so much.  No matter how true it is.

This is going to be one trying year.  Not only with my son though.  Through his senior year, as parents, we 'learned' a few things.  Like how we are going to be all over our Junior daughter like white on rice.  How we are pushing both girls to study and that their social lives are at the mercy of their grades.  Not that the girls are bad students mind you (and neither was our son) but we learned about class ranking and its advantages.  Oh joy!  Another year of me being the gestapo.  A job I loathe!

So on the eve of another school year, after our annual first day of school breakfast at McDonald's tomorrow morning, in case your wondering, it's only 86 days till Thanksgiving.

Until next time,
Pray for all the parents and teachers.


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