Monday, December 3, 2007

The Christmas Spirit

So, it is the Christmas season. I knew this time was coming when in the end of SEPTEMBER a store was putting out Christmas decorations before Halloween! As I grow older, it takes me a little longer each year to get into the 'Christmas Spirit'. And, by Christmas spirit, I mean gearing up to shop for my lovely, but sometimes ungrateful children. My son, whose 13 started asking about a month an a half ago for a PSP. Now, in his room, my son has a computer (older model that he got for his bday this spring) on which he can watch dvds, a cd player, stereo system, ipod shuffle, and a gameboy. But, he really wants a PSP. One look at the $169 price tag and I felt quite confident in telling him "son, you were not PSP good this year". "WHAT?" he says in exasperation. So, I was going to start with exhibit a and go from there, but I figured in the end it would sound something like "exhibit DD" So, I just gave him the gist of the list and how we (my lovely husband and I) have to always tell him to do his chores. Never does he do them on his own. That is unless he wants something. He then asks if he could have our old printer that's in the garage b/c you just know a 13 year old boy with no Internet connection in his room has a lot to print out. And he reminds me "it's FREE!" So, I tell him I think he was free good this year, lol. Yea, messing with your kids has got to be one of the greatest perks of parenting.

So, now, add in the two girls the one I call my sanity is about to turn twelve, and the ten year old drama queen. I call her my sanity b/c most times when the other two are spinning out of control, she just stays in one spot. Kind of like a weeble. She wobbles, but doesn't fall down (one of the most awesome toys of my childhood!). And don't forget my husband. I never know what to get him and I always try to top myself every year. Of course, I think this year I've got wife stock saved up b/c I surprised him with a 40th bday party in September and his bday isn't until January! I even had his best friends fly in from all over the country. So, maybe this year I don't have to go over the top.

I must confess though, that I'm not the easiest person to shop for either. One year I got a paraffin wax spa thing. It's where you dip your hands into almost boiling wax and look like Edward Scissorhands before the knives, for about 5 minutes. Then, peel of the was and viola! Soft, silky hands. Of course, this only lasts for about 5 minutes b/c then your hands are back to dishes and clorox, and laundry. Then, my kids got me a foot bath massager. You soak your feet and can turn it on vibrate, heat, bubbles or all of the above. This is fun. But eventually (read 20 minutes later) the water cools down and after drying my feet off, I get to do a blancing act of carrying the footbath full of water across the room or outside to empty it. Inevitably, spilling 'a little' of the contents onto the floor or carpet. I truly do appreciate these gifts. My children are trying to give me the spa experience. However, I don't think they realize that a big part of the salon experience is going out to the actual nail salon, by myself, no kids and having someone with strong hands rub my feet with their big, rolling pin like hands and then delicately painting my toes with OPI's I'm not really a waitress red. I get to sit back in a massage chair that should be deemed illegal by the way it rubs, or at least should by me dinner first, and zone out and let my mind go blank. On purpose. Not the blank it likes to go on its own. Instead my home spa experience consist of me relaxing with my feet in lukewarm bubbling water while the kids run up and down the stairs like a heard of elephants b/c walking just takes too long, and the dog going ape b/c she can see a dog on our lawn through the window and the phone is ringing and there's now kids at the door. In the end who needs calgon? It only dries out my skin anyways.

So, yes. The Christmas season is here. My house is decorated (I'm almost finished), and I have a good bit of the shopping done and Advent season has begun and it's time to prepare for the coming of Christ. The last part I am excited about. It's the beginning of a new church year, Christ is coming and all is well with the world!

May each of you have a blessed Advent season and find some peace in your day.


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