Sunday, December 9, 2007

How Great is Our God?

It has been a rough week in Whoville. My mother in law Carol, whom I love and adore greatly, was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer on Monday. This is a huge blow for our family. So, I haven't felt much like blogging this week. I didn't feel much like anything this week. My lovely husband, George headed up north to be with his family for the weekend. Unfortunately, it wasn't prudent to bring the three kids and myself too.

So, I went through the normal stages all in a week I'm thinking. All except denial. There's kinda no way to deny this is happening. I've been praying and my kids and family and friends and church and even the diocesan prayer chain have been praying for Carol. So there I was at Mass today. Mike, the band and myself. Yup, just me and Mike singing. Dear God is this what you want from me? Seriously? The songs were I Surrender, Prepare the Way, How Great is Our God, and Christ be our Light. So, I told God, okay, they're Your ears and if this is what you want okay. Thankfully, right as Mass was about to start, someone else showed up so it wasn't just me (thank you, God).

As I'm singing, I get through the first two songs okay. I get teary on Prepare the Way. But I did okay. Then, we got to How Great is our God. This is one of my favorite songs. So much so that it is my ringtone on my cell phone. Anywho, this is where the tears started. And, in the middle of the song and the tears it truly hits me. How great is our God? Even in the midst of my sorrow this week I can tell you without a doubt I was carried. I was carried by the Guffeys and the Kays, and the Overholts, and the Murtha's and even 1500 miles away, the Dudiks and of course, God. My family has lovingly been carried all week. How awesome is it that in the midst of all of this talk of death and cancer and chemo I can sing with my heart full of love for Him and His glorious coming while my heart is heavy at the impending passing of one whom I love so dear? How great is our God? He's pretty awesome if you ask me. May each of you be blessed this second week of Advent.


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