Wednesday, September 23, 2009

PS 27:13-14

It's funny, y'know, I am forever trying to rush God! Even as a child, I wanted things "now", way before the 'me' generation happened, before the age of instant gratification. And, that has transferred to my prayer life. Not just mine either, I am guessing. If I would just be patient and wait, how much sooner would my prayers be answered? Truthfully I doubt any faster, as they are answered in His time.

This passage speaks to me. David was a smart one. He realizes...he *knows* that waiting is the hardest part (even Tom Petty will tell you that). David tells me to take courage! Courage--what does it mean? You heart it sometimes, but do you really know? I looked it up for you (and me). It means mental or moral strength to venture, persever, and withstand danger, fear or difficulty Wow! Mental or moral strength. That's big. So, David knew, that we need strength to wait for the Lord. So, I'm guessting that David wanted instant gratification for his prayers too.

So, as I pray my prayers, I will attempt to wait on the Lord with Courage. Ah, my sacrifice beads will get a workout this week!

Until next time,
Courage my brothers and sisters!


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