Sunday, December 27, 2009

Utter Chaos

I like nice things. I like things to have order. Let me rephrase that, I like my chaos to have order. My life, much like my head, has lots of chaos. But, I like order to my chaos. I like to have clothes that match, mostly. I have earrings that match, mostly. I have the occasional item of jewelry or clothing that is beautifully odd, that matches absolutely nothing that I own, but I love.

My kitchen is further proof of this anomaly. I like to have matching plates. I like to have matching drinking glasses. Coffee mugs, not so much. I've always wanted china. Fine china, the kind you get for your wedding and use like twice a year. Never happened. But here's what's in my cupboard...I've got about 7 everyday dish plates (matching desert and bowls in different numbers) from our wedding (not fine china). I've got about 7 holiday plate (red pointsetas) and various bowls and desert plates and then about 6 white plates with silver rims again with various bowls and desert plates that I got at Walmart after Christmas sales during various years for $3 each (not too shabby). I finally got my fine china this summer. Mikasa pattern service for 8 (no cups and saucers truth be told I hate those) and then another mikasa pattern only cups and saucers, dessert plates, creamer and sugar both sets for ten from aco. I've got various coffee mugs-mostly Cinderella and tigger as gifts from George and the kids (I love Cinderella and Tigger is so me!). Then, my very favorite mug is green striped. It's my Carol mug. We got it about three or four years ago. She got a blue striped one. We were on our way to St. Jude's coffee house to sing and realized we needed mugs so off to the dollar tree we went. Just in case you were wondering, we sang "Sisters" from White Christmas. And, it is not by accident that that song is her ring tone on my cell phone when she calls me :) It is my favorite mug b/c it reminds me of a good memory; makes me smile when I think of her, and, this is totally a pride thing, but Carol will be the first to tell you, I am the only one who makes her coffee the way she likes it (not even her husband or kids) so, it makes me feel good that I can do that for her!

I am constantly on the lookout for matching dishes. I want a complete set (why oh why do they have to come with cups and saucers!?!?!). It's a relatively inexpensive way to update my kitchen and I like to change the dishes with the seasons. This being Texas we get summer and not summer, lol. Anywho, I'm constantly on the lookout for new dish sets. Mind you, I can't just go to ACO and purchase whatever sets they have, they have to speak to me. Just like a shirt or jewelry. It's gotta speak to me. It's the OCD, ADHD, and the rest of the jumbled alphabet in me.

So, tonight as I'm setting the table for dinner, I look at the myriad of mismatched patterns and colors that reside in my cupboard. I don't get angry when Sarah accidentally brakes a plate (hey, it's not fine china and even if it was, it's a dish, not like it's my Carol mug, lol). But, I look in my cupboard at my plates and it strikes me that is some sort of metaphor for my life. Sure, I *want* fine china. I want a complete set of dishes (not cups and saucers! Really, what am I a college student starting out? And seriously, unless you're the Queen of England, who really uses saucers anyways?! Just give me the matching dishes and bowls!) But, I digress, I would love to have a complete set, many complete sets. But, then, I look at my dishes, my mismatched, chipped, four different patterns and I realize they are their own complete set. I look at them and see the many times Carol and her family came over for dinner. I look at them and see how the many mismatched plates are plenty when I have people over for Thanksgiving every year. I look at them and think that the pattern of my life is like the pattern of all my dishes..colorful, chipped, and quirky. It's like this, my cupboard is overflowing with dishes and bowls and plates, chipped and scratched. Each holding memories. Just like my life. It overflows with love and joy, happiness and yes even sorrow. It overflows with memories (mostly good).

Suddenly, my mismatched set of dishes doesn't seem so bad.

Until next time,
Have some tea and enjoy this season with your family. Me, I'm gonna go make some tea in my Carol mug. She must know I'm writing about her again, she's calling me as we speak! lol


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