Thursday, December 10, 2009

So, I've spent the better part of a month preparing for Dad's arrival and Thanksgiving. Those two came and went without a hitch. For preparation, I was a mad woman, well madder than usual. One would think I was pregnant with all the nesting that was going on in the house (note: sadly, I am not pregnant). The dinning room is now officially a dinning room. Not just a clean empty room, but a dinning room with my very first dinning table, chairs, and curio cabinet in! It is not my dream dinning set as that is STILL being held hostage by Anderson's Furniture for the ransom of $2700! lol But this set is from ACO. It is beautiful, affordable and works just as well! In order to restore order to the dining room, we had to move the computer to it's own place. This was fun as it started out in the kitchen on the makeshift desk that they put in kitchens. It was too hot, so we moved it into the dining room. Now the computer is upstairs in what was the junk room. That's right, first we (and by we I mean I) had to clean out the junk room. The junk room. We tried to make it a media room. That didn't work. Then, it became the catch all junk room. Now it is the computer room. And, I even hung pictures and decorated it a bit. Then, finally I tackled the garage. It is mostly organized and you can park the minivan in it. Will wonders ever cease! I found much peace in controlling the cleaning of these rooms. Yea, I can't control George's job. I can't control health insurance or lack thereof. I can't control my kids. I can't control other people. And, I can't control death. But, I can control my house (to some extent) and in controlling all these rooms, I found great peace.

That didn't last long, lol. I'm running again. I have to keep moving. I can't sit still. If I stop, nothing will happen. Nothing will be controlled and major chaos will ensue. George's job got extended until the end of the year (praise God). But now, it's other stuff. Still, George's job, my brother hasn't talked to me in two years. He's home safe in the states, but won't talk to me for only God knows the reason why. So, I emailed him the other night. We'll see what happens. I can tell you whenever I watch the Folger's commercial with the girl and her brother, I cry. Stupid commercial, lol. The only one better than that to cry with is the Coke commercial with Pittsburgh Steeler Mean Joe Green, lol. So you would think with all this cleaning, that the house is perpetually clean and organized, but alas it is not. I have three teenagers, remember? I can tell you that I am perpetually tired. I don't sleep much...our bed broke last week. But, I wasn't sleeping much before then. It was like sleeping on styrofoam, weeky weeky weeky weeky. Kept me awake plenty. And, if it wasn't the bed, it was everything else. I know of so many people who are having such a hard time. And, I pray and pray and pray. Still they are having a hard time. I know God hears my prayers. I know this because a) He is God and b) because I tell Him things over and over and over. lol. I know He's in control and I shouldn't worry about things (and for the most part I don't). But, every once in a while I can't help myself. I am but a mere mortal.

You'll be happy to know that in decorating the Christmas tree this year, the Nativity survived! I even taped the Shepard boys head back on! The only casualty was a Cinderella ornament. She lost her head! First Jesus, then the Sheppard boy, then the angel, now Cinderella I honestly don't know why it keeps happening. I'm guessing it's now a Schafer tradition to knock the heads off of the Nativity and ornaments! New to this years decorating was various shocking situations going on. Sarah shocked herself twice with lights and Maria only once. They both blamed the lights, lol. Stupid lights. James decided to be the lawn decorator this year. He's all about the lights outside. This worked out great at first b/c I didn't have to do it. But, I had to hear *every* decision and plan in great detail! "Mom, what if I do this!" Ah the wonders of the ADHD child, I wish all of you one for Christmas! They are full of great fun and bring hours of joy and laughter and are true blessings.

Work has been going okay so far. It keeps me off the streets and out of trouble, for now, lol. If I don't get to blog before Christmas (sorry this one took so long), I wish each of you much peace in your families, in your relationships, in your hearts. May your heart swell with all the love that Jesus has for you!

Until Next Time,
Merry Christmas,

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