Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hide and Seek

Yes I have been hiding.  Mostly intentional, partly notsomuch.

I am stressed.  Getting son ready for college.  Orientation, will he get housing?  What if he doesn't get housing?  When is this all going to work out?  Can't I make a call and get "why yes, Mrs. Schafer!  We are so excited to have your son!  Everything is splendid and we cannot wait to meet your son who you have raised to be a wonderful upstanding man, no doubt!"  Ya, haven't had that conversation yet.

My hormones are going crazy.  Shark week is once again almost upon us.  Then add in hot flashes and wacky hormones, it's no wonder I'm going crazy!

Maria's liking her new job.  Sarah's still trying to get one (crossing fingers).  Band starts up soon, then the school year.

On the plus side, while I am distant from God (it's a valley time) George is absolutely loving his new job.

I'm still doing boot camp.  That's it right now.  It doesn't look like I'm losing anything to me (could be all the cheesecake chimichonga's I've been addicted too) but George says I am.  Today, my thighs and biceps are sore from yesterdays workout. 

My son is going off to college (maybe if housing works) and that hurts my heart.  I can't control housing, I can't control anything and that is not good for us control freaks.  Add in almost shark week and menopause it's no wonder I'm going off the rails.

Just wanted to give you an update.

And now, back to hiding.

Until next time,
Please pray for Godly spouses for the single


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