Sunday, July 21, 2013

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

Today has been in the making for 44 years.  Today is my 44th birthday.  As most of you know, I love, LOVE to celebrate my birthday.  And, more than that, I love to celebrate my friends and families birthdays.  What is so special about today's birthday?  It fell on a Sunday.  Why is this important you ask?  Because I got my birthday blessing on my actual birthday.  This may not seem like a big deal to some, but to others, and me, it just might.

If that wasn't enough, after all that's been going on with a couple of the projects I've been working on, I got to go to Mass on my birthday.  Yes, I could go to daily Mass if it was during the week.  But today, there was just something *different*.   Let me back up...

Last night at exactly 11:00pm, my mother called from her home in Myrtle Beach, SC to wish me happy birthday.  Yes, you read that right, 11:00pm.  It has been a family tradition that since I was born in the greatest city in the United States, Pittsburgh, which is Eastern Standard Time, my day starts on  Eastern Standard Time.  As my Mom was giving me her love, I felt my Mema with me.  As we got off the phone, I cried.  I missed both my Mom and my Mema terribly.  Oh, how I wished I could go visit!  Then, this morning, my Mom called to wish me happy birthday Central Standard Time.  After we got off the phone, again I felt my Mema.  I went to shower and as usual, plugged my iphone into the dock to play music, always on shuffle.  Always.  The first song, before I even hit the shower was a song called Steppin' Out by Tony Orlando and Dawn.  Growing up, my sister and I thought someone wrote a song about Mema (the line goes, 'don't worry bout me, ma).  It was always our song to her.  And, her she was telling me she was here.  Wishing me happy birthday, and that she didn't forget me.  I was laughing and crying simultaneously.  I even said to her "I can't believe you remembered" and she said "how could I forget?" which of course, made me cry harder. 

“To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.”― St. Thomas Aquinas

Now, back to Mass.  I went up to receive the Eucharist.  Some days, this sacrament makes me cry.  Over the years, my kids have grown accustomed to my crying at Mass and know that I'm okay.  Today was such a day.  I was in line and as I approached the Host, the tears started.  As I approached the chalice they really were coming.  My hand was starting to shake and I was almost afraid I would spill it (I didn't).  Then, as I knelt down to say my prayers, I was held by Jesus and given the most beautiful birthday.  For a brief moment, I felt with my entire heart exactly how much God loves me and it was more than I could bear.  I asked Him why would He die for me, just for me.  And of course, His answer was because He loves ME.

This was a spiritual high for me.  Of course, the feeling didn't last long, just a glimpse and it was more than enough.  Usually, when my birthday arrives, I give my family a myriad of ideas for presents (sleep number bed, Ninja kitchen system, tons of stuff from infomercials, etc).  This year, I just didn't have anything.  I looked around at my friends, my family--especially those who have become family, my chrp sisters, my bunko sisters, my gurus, and all that God has blessed me with and I felt exactly that, blessed.  I was okay with that.  I started the day with Mass and spent the entire day being loved on and blessed by those close and those far, as far away as PARIS!  (We have family in PARIS right this minute and they took time out of their holiday to wish ME, a blessed day.) I have felt so loved and so WANTED.  That is most beautiful for me and means more to me than any material gift ever could.  That is all I've ever wanted and what I wish for all of you, that you may feel loved and wanted because you are.  Especially by me.

Until next time,
Please pray for my friend who had a heart attack this morning.

PS.  Rest assured, my birthday celebrating will continue for weeks as usual!

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