Thursday, May 29, 2008

Three is a magic number...

Yes, it is. I so love that song from schoolhouse rock! While I'm sure three is a magic number, the magic number for today is thirty-three. Thirty-three years ago today, my life changed (among the other thousand and one times, it has changed). My baby brother was born.

Growing up with my baby brother was awesome, most of the There was the time my brother had a 'stomper' Christmas. He was a big fan of the stomper off road trucks. So, he told Santa and the family and everyone that he wanted stompers for Christmas and that's exactly what he got...along with a six foot long aircraft carrier, lol. There was the time when I was taking college classes, for my pet peeve speech, my topic was my baby brother.

During our time together growing up, we had our ups and our downs and downs and downs and ups. I have seen my brother grow from a little baby, to an annoying toddler, to his first girlfriend. I've seen him sick, tired, and irritable. I've seen him happy and full of life and laughter. I've watched him grow and go to his prom. We've been as thick as thieves and as distant as people from different countries. We have laughed with each other and yelled at each other. We simply are.

My baby brother is my joy and my delight. Our lives are a woven tapestry of conversations. Woven with fabrics of joy and pain, held together by the strong threads of love. I cannot celebrate with my brother this year as he is overseas serving our great country. However, that does not mean that I cannot celebrate him and all that he is and all that I am thankful for. So, with that....

Happy Birthday, Unior! I love you and I miss you terribly. I am proud of you, I'm proud of the man that you have become. Be careful and be safe. I love you!


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