Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!


My Lenten Observations:

* Sadly, there are ways to circumvent your lenten obligations.

* I attempted to say the Rosary everyday. Made it through 3/4 of lent.

* Wanted to be more prayerful. Eh. Some.

* Walked with Jesus a lot. OKAY! FINE! HE CARRIED ME A BUNCH.

* Learned just how deep my faith and trust in God truly is.

* Became closer (if that was even possible) to Julie and Tina.

* Was reminded that I am only human and not to be too hard on myself (thanks, Fr. Tim!).

* That I have been distancing myself from Fr. Antony. We all know how much I adore him. He is a huge source of support for me. He's leaving soon. And, if I distance myself then it won't hurt so bad when he leaves. Stoopid. I know.

* That my kids totally rock.

* My emotional limits when my husband is unemployed.

* That I still need my therapist.

* That God still does something to amaze me everyday.

* That my dad is not half bad.

* That I still miss Mom. Every second of every day.

* That I made a very good friend at OG and will be friends with her forever.

* That my husband is not hercules even though I think he is.

* That I am blessed beyond all measure. I am drinking from my saucer b/c my cup has overflowed!

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