Thursday, April 9, 2009

Holy Thursday

So, I went to Mass tonight. I was surrounded by *my* family.

Let me back up. I started today remembering my Sharon (Dudik) (I think of her often :) Three years ago, I was attending Holy Thursday Mass and she was in my eyesight. We both were crying from the Mass, but also b/c she had just told me that she was leaving me to go back to my beloved Pittsburgh. So, Holy Thursday is forever synonymous with Jesus and Sharon! lol

Then, Tina (Myers) and I had decided a couple weeks ago that we were gonna go together. Mike is out of town, and George was working. So, I go to Mass, Jaime ushers, Sarah is with me, so are Tina & her kids. Maria opted to stay home. Mass has yet to start and my friend Sarah Ryan from lifesavers sits with us! Then, I look over and see my Julie. Then, I look across the church and I see my Tina (Scheckel) and in front of her, my Patti (Jones). And, then, there was my Ernestine who came over to say hello to me and then giving me the blood of Jesus was my Martha (Jones) who I have not seen in FOREVER!

Now, I go up to receive the blood of Jesus, and I could barely choke out the 'amen'. I am so overcome with emotion! Poor Martha! lol Here's the thing...

Jesus, got up on that cross. CLIMBED up on that cross. Laid up on that cross for ME! And, for each of you! And, here's the thing. I look at the sin scale like this, Judas, Peter, then me. If I'm breathing, I'm sinning. Sometimes, I even actively choose to sin! I see the road before me and I choose that one! And, yet, Jesus got up on that cross and died for me, and for you. That is love.

Father Tim and his amazing homily said tonight that when we close our eyes for the last time, our last thought will be how we lived our lives. I can tell you now, my last thought will be of all of you. My family and how much joy each of you (Mary Branson!) have brought to my life on a daily, sometimes hourly basis!

Happy Easter!
Until next time,

I love you!

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