Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Easter Week!


The big news I guess is that today was my last day at Olive Garden! I just couldn't do 12-14 hour days. Like Det. Murtaug says "I'm getting to old for this shtuff"! lol (gotta love Lethal Weapon movies!)

It was bittersweet, anticlimactic. Some people were sad, some could have cared less. My fav mgr Pammie said the other day that I am welcome back anytime with open arms! That made me feel loved :)

Today is Palm Sunday. I cried throughout most of the Mass. For years, during this Mass, I would never say "crucify him!" I just couldn't. Then, through the Wednesday bible study and Tina (Scheckel) I learned that I had to participate and so the last few years, I do. So, just reading the Gospel today was amazing. Then something hit me today while Father Tim was finishing up the Gospel. Do you know what Jesus' last thought was? No, that's what He *said* (why have you forsaken me?) Do you know what Jesus' last thought was before He died? It was YOU!

Until next time,
Happy Holy Week!

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