Friday, May 29, 2009

He did it again, Julie!

He amazed me yet again! lol

This week has been awful. Like, cramps of death, curl up in a ball, the haircut is too short, I put on too much weight, they're out of ben-n-jerry's horrible!

But here is what I have learned this week.

* I am a teacup (thank you, Julie :) )

* I am deeply loved by those who know me well (thank you Carolina :) )

* Why would I let people who haven't seen me in ten years define who I am or what I feel when they don't even know me (again, words of wisdom from my Carolina :)

* That even through distance, I can feel a go-limp-in- my-arms-as-I-hold-you hug (thank you, Sharon:))

* That God is here even when I don't feel Him (again, Sharon :) )

* That God's reasons are way better than mine. That He wants to give me my hearts desire but my hearts desire isn't always what's best for me. (thank you, Tina)

* That God wants me to come to him just as I am (thank you, yet again, Jon! You ROCK!)

* That every walk begins with a single step (thanks, Carol :) )

* That I am loved, just the way I am by all of you.


Thank you. Thank you all. For loving me. Just as I am.

Until next time,
Know that I love all of you very deeply and am always praying for yunz guys :)


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