Sunday, August 2, 2009

We're all Israelites

Or at least I am.

This little nugget of information came to me at Mass tonight. I was listening to Fr. Tuan and I was thinking about the Gospel. How God sent the Israelites manna. I was remembering how last year I was reading Exodus. The Israelites, the were not a happy group of people. God frees them from Egypt and mostly all they do is complain to Moses. And, if I recal correctly, there was some whining about "why did you lead us out here! No food, no water, yada yada yada". God gives them signs constantly, but it only holds them for a few seconds and then they're off complaining again.

That's when it hit me. I am no different. Sure, I don't ask for signs. Much. In fact, I ask God for billboards. I haven't for a while. But that didn't stop Him. He kept asking me for something over the last couple weeks. I wasn't sure I was hearing Him right, so I dismissed it. Then this week WHAM! BILLBOARD CITY! He let me know in know uncertain terms, I heard him right. And, now that I heard Him, what was I going to do about it? I chose to listen and obey. More about what He asked at a later time. But, I digress, the point here is that I'm no better. He answers my prayers (in His time) and then I'm all happy! Then, more crap happens. And, I start all over. Instead of 'why did you lead me out of Egypt!'. It's 'I need help with this please.'

So, here's what I've learned today. Whining goes back 2000 years! lol I'm also reminded that God is *always* here. He's always watching over me. Just like a Dad does. Just like He did the Israelites. And, even with all their whining, they got to see the promise land! And, if they got to see it, there's hope for me too!

Until next time,
Listen for your own billboards :)

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