Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Me and Carol

I'm suppose to be studying for my BJ's test tomorrow at one. I'm too tired. I feel like I've absorbed all I'm gonna absorb and that I should bee absorbing more. So, in my quest to study, I logged on the computer (just to check facebook, lol) and I started thinking about my Carol. And, it dawned on me, it's been way to long since I've blogged about me and Carol!

Here something that you guys might not know. Carol walks on water. At least in my world she does (as does a couple of my very close friends). And, she was the first person to walk on water that I know of. Here's what's cool about me and her. Well, let me rephrase that, there are a ton of things cool about me (if you guys haven't noticed, lol) and there's a butt load of more cool things about her! And, yes, butt load is an actual unit of measure ;p. So, Carol's on vacation in Virginia/DC at one point, and she and I are iming. I tell her that the day prior was a Carol day...y'know when nothing is going right and somethings buggin you that only Carol's words of wisdom can help. I let her know that I worked through it. But true to Carol's form (and a lovely form it is :) she says spill...or was it what's up? I don't remember, but the point is, she wanted to know what was bugging me. Thousands of miles away, she wanted to know. Not, I gotta go, I'm on vacation you blockhead (she's peppermint paty, I'm thinkin I'm marcy). So, we talked, and of course, I felt better.

Then, while I'm on vacation, I check my facebook (I LOVE MY iPHONE!!!! BEST PRESENT EVER!!!!) I notice that she's back from vacation, so I call to welcome her back! It doesn't matter that I'm on vacation, in a car, with three kids, and my sister driving. Nope, all that was important to me at that moment, was to welcome my Carol back home. One year, a few years ago, the kids and I even decorated her house with balloons and streamers and signs to welcome her back. One year, I couldn't believe I made it a whole month without her, that on the day she returned, amongst running my errands, I rang her bell just to get a quick hug and welcome her back! But, I digress, where was I....oh, my Carol! Yes, yes, I welcomed her home.

What do you think happened when I called her after my vacation? Come on...you can do it....lol, her first words to me were "Welcome home!" Carol is my home.

Yea, home is relative. It can be a house, it can be a feeling. It can be whatever you like. For me, it is a few things. It is my church, St. Jude's. It is resting in the arms of my husband and having him hold me, it is in my very close friends, it is in my Carol....it is in my children. These are home to me. Home. Where I can be my goofy self and it is okay. Home. Where a hug means 'I love you, you make me laugh, I'm so glad you are in my life, everything is going to be okay, that person is a turd, a good friend will help you move...a great friend will help you move a dead body, I'm sorry you had a bad day, I'm happy to see you and I may not like the choice you made, but I love you...unconditionally'. See, a hug is never just a hug, lol!

I have yet to see my Carol since I returned from my vacation, but we have talked (and talked, lol) and I may not have given her a hug yet, but that's okay. She is home, I am home and even if we weren't we are only a phone call and an im away. There is nothing that can separate us from each other, not time, not distance, not pain, nor sorrow, nor anger, nor fear. For ours is a friendship that is rooted in faith. Ours is a friendship that was not only given by God, but blessed by Him as well. And, as the saying goes "what God has joined together, let no man put asunder" That's not just for weddings, you know. God joins us as brothers and sisters, and friends and colleagues, as mentors for each other. Each of you are beautiful gifts given to me by God which I love and cherish. However, my Carol will always be set apart b/c she was the first truest, bestest friend God ever gave me, George, notwithstanding, lol. She was the first person to go 'y'know, you're a little odd, and y'know, I happen to like odd! This is gonna be fun!" And, true to His word, it has been a blast!

So, by now two things are going through your minds...one, if you love her so much why don't you marry her (that's what George would say, lol). Um, I'm already married, a doi! Or two, wow, she really does walk on water! And, to that I say TOLD YA!

So, until next time,
Go meet Carol if you don't already know her. I'm not saying your life is incomplete without her (mine was!) But I am saying your life will be richly blessed!


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