Friday, October 16, 2009

Are you really this random?

So, I'm out running errands today and I was at the dollar store. I love that place! Sometimes I go in there and find tons of goodies. Other days, I go in there and I get bupkiss. Anywho, today I went in there for a few things and at the register they have all this candy. And, I look at one particular box and am a little perplexed. So, as the lady is ringing me up, I ask her..."if they're everlasting gobstoppers, why are there so many of them in a box?". I thought it a good question. And, I'm pretty sure I can't be the only one who wonders such things. Her reply "are you really this random this early?" I told her yes, that I am random all day long and that it drives my husband crazy. I also told her you have to find the joy. You have to look for it. Shout out to my Mary B in Florida!!! I resisted the urge to get smarmy at let her know that it was 11am, not exactly 'early'. So, YEA ME! lol Donald Trump says you have to toot your own horn cuz aint nobody gonna toot it for you. Yea, I'm quoting the Trump and tooting my own horn.

My life, as of late, has been traveling faster than the speed of sound...or light. I can't remember which one is faster. I realize I haven't been writing on a consistent basis. I miss writing, and I miss all of you! Sharon, I miss your smile, your hugs, and your 'burg accent! Not much has changed, more running in place actually. If I keep giving God my running shoes, how is it they end up back on my feet? The most notable update is that I have a new job. Yes, another one. Feel free to groan. It's okay. Long story short, a few weeks ago, things at BJ's started turning. And, after a particularly bad few days IN A ROW, lol, I emailed my podmate, my guru, and spiritual soul mate, Julie. I lamented to her about what had been going on. She and I emailed and Bob gave her a message for me. I was to go apply at AISD and work in the cafeteria. OOOOOOkay. I thought of this a couple years ago before the Dr. Pepper job (which I miss very much. Not so much the job, as the people). The whole process was gonna take about two weeks. Not so much. I applied online and already had my app on there from before. I just had to update my work experience (lots of kitchen knowledge! lol). Then, the background check was suppose to take a week. It took 2 days (b/c I got one last year to volunteer at the school. God works fast when you're listening to His instructions!). Then, my fingerprinting took under 24 hours and this past week I started subbing in the cafeteria! I was at Ford and Lowery this week. Next week, I'm at Ford all week! YEA!!!! I love Ford. I can walk there. I get to see my girls, and the people there were very friendly :) The way it works is I'm in training till I get this sheet filled out (takes about 2-3 weeks) from the different schools I'll work. I can work as much or as little as I want. Then, when a permanent spot becomes available they'll ask whoever is next in line and viola! I'm hoping to get Ford part time permanent from 10-2 everyday :) That would be great!

You know what's really cool and what God showed me this week? My kids are proud of me. No matter what job I have, they are proud of me. I never caught on before. Sure they told their friends where I worked, but I thought nothing of it. Then, this Tuesday, when I was at their school, they both made a point to come up to me to say 'hi'! They were all smiles and so excited to see me. And, that's when it dawned on me, they're are proud of me! That made me feel so good. See, I never think of myself as doing anything for anyone to be proud of, let alone my kids. I'm the ogre, the witch, the drill sergeant. I'm the bad guy. So, I thought that that is how they saw me. Turns out, notsomuch :) I know they love me. It has nothing to do with love. I know I upset them on a daily basis. I didn't know I made them proud and that my dear friends, was WAY cool.

Other than that, the kids are all the same. Just taller and more ornery, lol. George is still George, the love of my life, and I am still clay.

Until next time,
Know that I am proud of you and I love you.


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