Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I have friends. While this is not news to most people, it continues to bewilder me. I didn't have any friends growing up. Well, other than the Beaver, The Brady's and Sigmund the Sea Monster, lol. So, these last five and half years at St. Jude's has been life giving to me in so many ways. One of which is that it has given me best friends, spiritual gurus, spiritual soul mates, and friends.

The bible says to everything is a season under heaven. I'm positive that is for friendships as well. The friends I have made at St. Jude's have not only touched my heart, but they have taken up residence there. The friendships last sometimes years, sometimes months, weeks, days and sometimes hours. Yes, hours. It can take mere seconds for someone to touch my heart and permanently reside there even though our meeting was brief. There are friends like Carol who have been with me forever. We used to see each other ALL the time. Hang out ALL the time. But, life happens, and we still talk a lot, I just don't get to see her ALL the time. That doesn't mean she is ever far from my thoughts or heart. There's one of my spiritual gurus Tina Scheckel. She and I have a connection that is worth more than gold. She ministers to me daily without even knowing it. Yet, I barely get to see her or chat with her. There my Mary Branson, My Mary Boyle, My Julie, My Greta, My Patti, My Valerie, My Tina (Myers). All these women I have a connection with. A huge connection (well to me it's huge, maybe not so huge to them lol). The point being that with any one of these women (and a host of others), I can not see them for a while and when we see each other, it's as if no time has passed and our connection and love remain.

One of these such women, I met five years ago. Her name is Vicky Mower. Vicky is yet another in a long line of fabulous women I have been blessed to meet. She is one of *the* most Holy women I have EVER met in my life. Mind you, I have friends that are spiritual, and lead holy lives and are very righteous women. But, there are only a few who are as Holy as Vicky. Vicky was gifted by God with Fibromyalgia. I don't know much about it, other than to say it was a horrendously painful disease. She has suffered great pain through our entire friendship. And she smiled through it all. Vicky has been sick quite a long time. Then last week, she had a surgery that relieved her pain. For the first time in only God knows how long, was My Vicky free from pain! The doctors said that in 4-6 weeks she will be all better! Little did they know how close they were! This morning, My Vicky is permanently free from pain. Our Father, called her home!

Here's what's so cool. I found out after work (that's not the cool part). George had called me in the morning, but I had my phone on silent. So, I called him after work and he told me. I busted out into tears. Here comes the cool part...on my way to church (I had to go see My Mary Boyle), I praised God the whole way (about 7 minutes lol). Yes, ME. I praised God for bringing My Vicky home. Not only for that, but He gave her some time on this earth free from pain! He gave her body and her soul much needed rest before he brought her home. Now she is eternally pain free! How AWESOME is GOD!

After I had heard the news, I had thought of three people, Russ, her loving husband, My Sharon, and My Julie. They were very close with Vicky. I went to go see My Julie this afternoon. The first thing, she says to me is "did you hear?" I told her I did, and that I was coming to tell her. Then she says, "the first person I thought of when I heard was you". Meaning me. Wow.

There are very few things that amaze me anymore. God. He constantly amazes me. Him, and the fact that I have such a close knit group of friends who love me dearly. Both of those things will never cease to amaze me.

To My Vicky: Thank you for the gift of your friendship and your love. For teaching me there is healing in the suffering. For touching my life and my heart and for gracing me with your holy presence. Welcome Home my dear friend! Dance with Jesus and when you get a moment, tell Mom I said "Hi". Remember, I love you always!

This video is extremely fitting, it is one of my favorite songs of all time. Those of you who get this by email, please go to the website so you can watch. Please.

Until next time,
Forgive each other a little quicker, hug each other a little longer, love each other a lot deeper.


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