Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Father's Day

You know what I despise? I mean other than liver, tuna, and mean people. I totally and utterly despise shopping for Father's Day cards for my Dads. Yes, that's Dads as in plural. First we have my Dad, Joe. The man who 'raised' me. And by raised I mean sat on the couch watching tv, mowed the yard, and generally said 'no' to everything. He has mellowed over the years and we've come to an understanding of sorts, especially since my trip home last August. The understanding is this, I know he loves me the best he knows how. It's not how I needed to be loved growing up, but he loves me to the best of his ability and at almost forty-one years of age, I accept that. Now, try finding a Father's Day card for him! It bother's me to no end b/c they're all about how great the dad was growing up, how much he taught his daughter over the years, how he supported/supports her and encouraged/encourages her. Yea, that man, he's a man I would've liked to have known growing up and every year I go to look at the cards and I feel the same way. Sure, I've forgiven him for not being what I thought he should have been. And, yes, I love him b/c he is my dad. That doesn't make reading these cards any easier. And, I can be sane and rational about this 364 days a year, it's just that one day, that *one* day, when I go, I get irritated. I've gotten better mind you. Now, I don't get irritated for too long (this post notwithstanding) and I try to keep the past in the past.

On the flip side, we have my Dad, George. Technically, he's George's Dad. But, he has been my dad for the last ten years that George and I have been married, and before that, he was my friend for two. He is awesome! He is full of love, and support, and encouragement. He never makes you feel like an idiot. One of my favorite things to do is to make him smile or chuckle it just makes my day. Dad knows how much I love him. I've told him. I've written it in cards and in letters. And, the coolest thing? He loves me just as much as I love him. I look up to and admire him. He is a huge source of strength. I have disappointed him a time or two, totally unintentional, and he let me know it. But after he says his piece, he moves on from it. Now, try finding a card for him! All the Father-in-law cards have no weight behind the words. Especially, the 'from the both of us' cards. Some years, I find a really great from 'your daughter' card that doesn't talk about 'when I was little" and I get to send those. And, that makes me happy. But, finding them, not so much a fan as it takes forever. Today, today was that day. Looking for cards. So, I end up doing what I do every year. I find a card for my dad, George and then I'll end up calling my dad for Father's day. It's not always easy finding the generic Father's Day card that's blank inside. But, it's only Tuesday. I still have time!

Until next time,
Pray for the souls in purgatory.


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