Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mary, Fr. Tim, and the Mass.

Sigh.  I love Mass.

I love going to Mass.  I love singing at Mass.  I love participating.  I love it all.  Especially, when during the homily, I am tuned in.  Sadly, this doesn't happen as often as I would like, but God and Fr. Tim have a way of bringing me back.  I have so many favorite parts of the Mass.  Like tons!  One of my very favs is right before the Gospel when I make the sign of the cross on my forehead, my lips, and my heart.  And, every time, I say to myself "may Your words be on my mind, my lips and my heart!"  And, every time, I think to myself "this is SO cool!  If only I could continue this outside of Mass!  How cool would it be to have God's words on my mind, on my lips, and my heart always?  Truth be told, it's always on my heart, more often than not on my mind, and sadly, rarely on my lips.  Why?  I dunno.  Today at Mass, I was all kinds of excited a) b/c it was a Mary feast day!!!! WOOHOO and 2) b/c during the homily, I was *present*.  I found myself nodding my head along with Fr. Tim.  He talked about St.  Bernadette and one of my favorite movies The Song of Bernadette  (I love when the Priest tells Bernadette "you have suffered enough, my child,  for the heaven of heavens")  He talked about Mary and her Immaculate Conception.  I just love listening to Fr. Tim talk about Mary!!! Sigh, it was SO wonderful!!!

Another favorite part of Mass for me is the sign of peace.  Did you ever watch Fr. Tim?  When he says "Peace of the Lord be with you all" he looks around the entire church.  To those on his right, then middle, then left (sometimes he alternates sides).  It is so beautiful to watch.  Oh, a really great Fr. Tim moment is on a Friday healing Mass when he is blessing those who come up for healing.  It doesn't matter what kind of healing they're going up for, the compassion in his eyes is so beautiful!!!  Oh and when you get the Eucharist from him, he looks you directly in the eyes!  It makes the Eucharist so much more personal.

Then, I love at the end of Mass when he says "Go in peace to love and serve the Lord".  I love it b/c he's telling me to do something.  to love and serve the Lord.  Loving Him, that's easy.  Serving Him, well....I can always do better.  But today was one of the extra special endings of Mass when he says "Bow your head and pray for God's blessing"   I love that b/c it means I'm getting an extra special blessing.  Say it, it's okay, I'm a blessings hog.  I know it.  I embrace it.  I'll take as many blessings as God wants to give me ("gimme gimme gimme!!!" lol)

As most of you know, my Mass is shared with my family and my half of my Pod.  I've grown accustomed, spoiled actually to having my Podmate with me at Mass on Sundays.  I love this one part, when we hold hands as we say the Our Father, and I can hold my Podmate close to my heart.  I knew my Podmate wasn't going to be there tonight, and that was okay.  However, during the Our Father, I found myself missing my Podmate.  Then, as I went up to receive the Eucharist, I spotted Podmates husband (Mr. Pod) and my whole insides just filled up with love "Look, it's Mr. Pod!"  I say to myself!  It's like she's here!  And, it made my night.  Well, Mary and Fr. Tim and Mass made my night, seeing Mr. Pod just topped it off lol.  Mr. Pod and Podmate are so totally awesome for each other.  God couldn't have done any better with those two, they are so perfect for each other and I love them dearly :D

And, as I get into the minivan, riding my church high as I like to call it....the kids get in the car.  My high doesn't last long as I am bombarded with "why do you hold my hand so tight during the Our Father?!!?!? Why weren't you paying attention at Mass?  You stepped on my foot!  Exactly where is this peace that was suppose to be with me that God, Fr. Tim, and lots of people at Mass gave me tonight?  Technically, they didn't put a time limit on it like "Peace be with you till you go to bed tonight".  Or "Peace be with you till Sunday".  Sigh, but it's okay.  I have three teenagers.  Peace is a state of mind.

So, today on this feast day of my beloved Mother Mary, I wish you all a day full of happiness and love and of saying "YES!!" to God in anything that He asks of you.  Don't worry, take my hand, we'll say YES together!

Until next time,
May Mother Mary wrap you in her loving mantle, close to her heart.  I love you all.


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