Thursday, December 30, 2010

Yesterday, I reached my limit. 

Actually, I'm surprised that my head didn't implode/explode.

There has been so much *noise* all around me lately.   I have three teenagers whom I love dearly.  I don't mind the happy noise, the giggling and laughing or music.  Nope, that stuff is okay.  I'm talking about tv blaring, three teenagers yelling at each other constantly, the phone ringing off the hook, noise, noise, noise.  I asked the kids nicely, more than once, more than a gazillion times, to calm it down.  I think my teenagers need hearing aids.  It turns out, if I ask them to come here, ask them to do anything, they don't hear me...ever.  However, after the gazillionth time of asking, I yell, then they hear me.  It kind of makes me think I'm going crazy.

So there I was surrounded by all this noise well into the night.  Finally, I go upstairs figuring I'll get on the computer for a little bit.  Then, I decide to lay down for a little bit instead.  In my room, it's relatively quiet.  No kids, only the ticking of the clock, the noise from my clock (tick, tick, tick), and the tv downstairs.  Which is not loud enough that you can make out what's being said, but loud enough that you know it's on.  So I lay on my bed and begin to enjoy the relative silence and start to talk to God. 

Since around me is quiet, now my head finally begins it's noisiness....Can Mom come up for Sarah's conformation in May Please help my friends.. my friends marriage is really bad, my other friends marriage is worse.  When can Tina and I get together just for five minutes, we haven't had one of our good talks in a while, dear God, please bless my favorite person with a child this year, they so deserve one, they're gonna be great parents.  My other friends marriage could use some blessings.  Jaime's going to be a senior next year.  I am not ready for that or for him to go off to college.  Will he be ready to go?  He REALLY wants to be a priest which is awesome, but shouldn't he at least date first?  Could you send him a nice Catholic girl to date so then he could really know if you're calling Him?  Maria's grades need so much help.  Please help Jaime get a job.  He dropped off another application today.  I love that boy, but he needs to learn some responsibility.  When is dad's Christmas package going to get there?  When is George going to go to the dr's to check on his leg?  I want to start walking everyday...give me the motivation.  Did I really take the Christmas decorations down too early?  Should I have waited?  Dude, I am so hammed out, I don't think I'll even want ham at Easter!  Did Carol have a good trip to San Antonio?  Where can I find boots for my Elizabeth?  Is Mema okay?  I know she is and I know she's having fun, but does she miss me?  When is my brother coming home from Germany?  Is he ever going to talk to me again?  Thanks for letting Sarah be a little girl just a little longer.   Tangled was way better than I thought it was going to be.  I need to go drop off a check at the orthodontist tomorrow.  My friend is traveling, watch over her family please.  What was the name of that movie I really liked?  Please give my Julie a less stressful year this year, she could really use a break for a bit.  Are Kindles really better than Nooks and that Pandigital reader?  If I get the Pandigital will I be bummed that I didn't wait for the Kindle?  When can I get an iphone 4?  Hey, adoration is tomorrow, hopefully, I can make it!  I know, I know, I need to make time.

In the midst of all of that noise that was in my head, I closed my eyes.  And, you know how sometimes when you close your eyes you see shapes?  Those shapes formed into faces.  I was so excited, I saw Jesus' face, then I saw Mary's face and I got all kinds of excited wondering whose face was gonna be next.  I was concentrating on Mary's face and while talking to her, the most beautiful thing happened.  I fell asleep.  No noise anywhere.  No sounds of the tv, no thoughts running through my head as I'm talking to God.  Just blissful sleep.  That was at nine.  I woke up around 1130.  I was so very happy.  All that quiet was so needed.  Then, I couldn't go back to sleep for like an hour lol  Apparently, not only my body, but my mind needed the rest.

So here I am, in the relatively quiet of the morning.  My three monkeys are all awake finally.  And by awake I mean groggy and watching tv.  They have not woken up fully yet and so there is quiet for now.  When the noise begins today, I will take that as my cue to go drop off the check to the orthodontist and then go to adoration.  Maybe I should've asked Santa for noise canceling headphones for Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Until next time,
I wish all of you Peace and love and a year full of many blessings!


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