Monday, January 10, 2011

God, Patti, and the new saint

The last week has been weird.  It's been fraught with plumbing issues, normal kid issues, and my general anxiety maladies.  In the midst of all my crap (and my 'x' button sticking on my laptop) I had a few wonderful conversations with my Patti.  In the course of one of our great conversations, she lays down some major words of wisdom.  She says she's not worried (about what was bugging her) b/c she knows God has her back.  That was such an a-ha moment for me.

During the day the followed, whenever anxiety hit or things weren't going the way I'd like them to, I chanted my new mantra "God has my back".  This brought me much peace.  Then, my Patti called again.  And, I told her how much I love the new mantra, thanks to her.  Then, I asked her if she got a chance, if she would pray for something specific for me.  In true Patti fashion said "let's pray right now" and we did.  She is the most awesome prayer.  She even shared with me about a new saint.  Saint Andre.  She was saying how Fr. Tim was saying how St. Andre was new and that we were to put him to the test.  So, I have been.  Half the time I can't remember his name, but I call him St. New Saint Whose Name I Can't Remember of St. New Guy.  I've been coming to him and giving him stuff to do.  I know he's done one thing for me already.  Don't ask me what it was because I can't remember.  All I remember is when the answer came I said "did I ask St. New guy for help with this?  I think I did.  AWESOME!  Way to go St. New Guy!"

Then, last night, Patti and I were talking and she asked if I had any prayer requests.  When I gave them to her, she said "Great, we're about to say a Rosary right now!  I'll add it to the intentions!"  Who does that?  My Patti, that's who!

I realized yesterday, in the course of events, that I have been being attacked.  I hate that.  More so, I hate the fact that I don't see it coming and don't realize what's going on till I'm in the thick of it.  On one particularly weird day, I needed to talk to someone.  I just needed to vent.  George's line was busy, Carol was at work, Tina was busy, my Mom wasn't answering, and Julie and Alyssa weren't available.  I must confess, my second thought was that there was a conspiracy going on and that they were all screening their calls and had no desire to talk to me.  I tried George one more time, his line still busy, then I got the message.  God wanted me to come to Him.  He does that sometimes.  He wants me to come to Him first, which I sometimes, if not rarely, do.  So, He works His magic and after a round of playing no ones home, I realize He's calling me.  You would think I would realize that much sooner than I do, but for some reason I don't. 

So, here I am, marveling at the beautiful snow, asking for a snow day from work and a Steelers win on Saturday!  I love the cold weather and I love the white sky.  It's so beautiful.

Until next time,
Please pray for some dear, dear friends of mine.  They're foster parents and the children they have been fostering went back home today.  It's heartbreaking for them and the children.  Please pray for peace for all of them.  Also, please pray for marriages that are in trouble (no, not mine, George and I are fine).  And, lastly, please pray for Mema.  I miss her so much today is one of those I can't breathe days.



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