Friday, August 26, 2011

It's the little things

Like when I'm at work and my friend mops my area or my friend finishes filling out a log for me because I had ketchup all over my gloves.

Like when I'm having a get together and my friend gives me her box of wine that she wasn't using and won't take any money for it.

Like when I can hear my mom smile over the phone.

When my daughter is so thankful that I picked her up from school so she didn't have to carry both pairs of her band shoes and all her school stuff.

When my son brings me bbq home from his work (Rudy's) just because.

When my husband meets me at the grocery store to switch cars because his has air and the air in the minivan is going wacky.

When my best friend calls and says "YOU'RE ALIVE!""""  It's been days since we've talked!

Or when my other best friend calls first thing in the morning to share her day with me.

It's when my friends stops by with extra coupons that they're not using.

It's when my girls wash the dog just because.  Or my son puts gas in the minivan as thanks for taking him too and from work. 

It's an email from my dad, George telling me all about his trip and what an awesome time he had. 

It's my new motto at work "don't fret".  It's not my line, it doesn't concern me, so I won't fret over it.  This week has been full of blessings, as is every week, I just actually paid attention this week! lol

It's cool when I actually pay attention how much I notice God and His blessings.  What's that scripture line about being good with little things and He'll give you big things?  I can't remember.  But, you get my point.

God is awesome.  I just have to pay attention more.  And, if I'm diligent with the small stuff, then I won't miss the big stuff :D

What are you missing by not paying attention?

Until next time,
Pray for members of our parish who lost their 11 month old son.


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