Monday, April 9, 2012

11 Down, one to go!

Today was the penultimate boot camp.  I hated Coach Steve mostly from the word go.  He made us walk up to the roof.  Truth be told, that's the part I hate the worst, almost more than running.  We ran the roof, ran it with our medicine balls, then did drills.  Then, we walked back down.  He had us grab our tires (yay!  It's just not a good day if I can't get my hands on my tire!), a rope and two 10 pound weights.  We tied BOTH weights to the rope and around us and up the ramp we went.  Oh, and every three seconds (not really, but it seemed like every three seconds) we had to drop and do 15 push ups on the weights.  Then, when that was done, we did tire throws.  This is where I got one of my two favorite compliments of the day (and the day has barely begun!).

A tire throw is just what it says.  You get in the squatting position and then throw the tire.  Coach said "Gina can throw a tire!"  I didn't realize this.  But, it turns out, man, I can throw a tire at least 5 feet :D  I know this because the yellow lines in the garage are five feet long and I threw it a little further than that consistently.  Then, we put one of the weights IN the tire and carried it up the ramp.  We did more tire stuff.  Lunges, etc.  My arms and legs feel like jell-o.  I don't think there is a muscle in my body that isn't screaming out, and I could not be happier.  Yes, yes, I give Coach Steve a hard time.  But I love him.  How can you hate someone who only wants the best for you?  Who knows your limits better than you do?  Who pushes you to be your best?  When your pulling 20 pounds up a ramp, it's easy to hate him lol, but I say it with love.  I am not going to say I'm in the best shape of my life, because I only lost 20 pounds (and almost 14 inches and 2 jean sizes in TWELVE weeks!).  I have way more to go and that's okay.  But I am feeling awesome and that's what counts.

I love that I can walk in the studio and our first words are "Happy Easter!" and about how Jesus is Risen.  You can't do that at any other gym that's for sure.

As most of you know, I gave sweets up for lent.  I told everyone who would listen that my Easter basket better have Peeps, black jelly beans, and gummy bears in them.  Then, Coach T said no.  She said not to.  She's such a great coach so I changed my basket.  I got a beautiful mug from my amazing husband.  I had one mini Reece's cup and one twizzler.  Then, my niece made this AMAZING chocolate pudding cake.  She gave me a slice, but I didn't eat the whole thing.  Almost, but I didn't.  Our appetizers went from chips and dips as the usual to a cheese and pepperoni tray and crudites!  I had ham.  And more ham.  And, pineapple bread pudding.  What?  It had fruit in it.  And, my Carol makes it special just for me :D  So, all in all, I didn't go hog wild with the sweets like I thought I was gonna.  And, I kept reaching for water all day.  I did have about 4 oz of sprite, but the rest of the day was water.  It's mostly all I drink now.  So over the last twelve weeks, little by little, I made lifestyle changes without really realizing they were lifestyle changes.  Pretty cool, huh?

So, what was the other compliment I got?  A sweet friend at boot camp asked me how many kids I have.  So, I told her "I've got a freshman, sophomore, and senior in high school".  Her response was "how old ARE you?"  She did not believe I was 42.  I had to say it like three times.  She thought I was in my 20's!  I credit, God, the gym, and my Mary Kay products (which I was not wearing for boot camp!).   AWESOME way to start my day!

I hope each of you have had a blessed Easter.   I wish you all a beautiful day and remember, when you feel that no one loves you, or no one cares, I do.

Until next time,
Happy Monday!


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