Monday, April 30, 2012

Round two!

Last week, three of my boot camp friends (more like Angels) asked me to do boot camp with them again.  They are so awesome, and so supportive, and I agreed.

This morning was our first day back after a two week absence.  It was a lot different this time around.  Waking up was no problem.  Starting the exercises was no problem.  My body, while glad for the rest, was happy to be back. 

Did you know I'm a possessive person?  Just ask my friends, they'll tell you.  This morning, when we go to the ramp, there's people on our ramp (WHA!?!) Then, if that wasn't enough, they were copying our moves!  They had tires and were doing tire flips!  One of my friends, Deb, even commented how they're stealing our ideas.  So, I told her 'imitation is the sincerest form of flattery' even though I was irked. lol  But, after that, I didn't give them a second thought.  I was too busy trying to breathe.  The cool thing about this morning (one of many) is that we moved from car tires to truck tires!  WOOOHOO!  I knew I would be happy to be back, I just didn't realize how happy I would be to be back!

With everything happening the next few weeks, I'll be needing my boot camp and my boxing to work out my stress and not kill anyone.  I cannot wait until Wednesday!  I might just go in myself tomorrow!  I'm ready, let's do this!

Until next time,
Pray for my dear podmate whose birthday is this Friday!!!  Happy, Happy Birthday, Podmate!  I love you most...FOR GOOD!


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