Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How much time do you have?  I've got so much to share and so much to say.

It's been a very, very busy and stressful, but blessed May.

Jaime attained Eagle Rank with the Boy Scouts.  Three days later, he turned 18.  Three weeks later he graduated high school.  George's dad and my mom came into town for the festivities.  George got a new job.  George left his old job.  Had Jaime's Court of Honor Eagle ceremony (so beautiful).  Then, had Jaime's graduation/Eagle celebration party.  Dad left, George left, today mom left.  Tomorrow Maria leave's to Philly for a week (16th bday present from Grandpa!).  George comes in late Friday night and leaves Sunday to go back for his last week of training in Detroit and Maria comes back next Thursday.

My husband who is my rock (along with God, obviously) is gone.  I'm sad dad is gone.  I'm sad my husband isn't here.  And, very sad my mom isn't here.  It was so good to see both mom and dad.

Now, to get three teenagers jobs.  Get my son his license, and try and enjoy my summer.  Thank you my Carol and my Tina as always, for your unwavering support and love.

Until next time,
Please pray for safe travel for George, Mom, and Maria (Dad's already home).


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