Friday, December 12, 2008

Peace Be With You!

What a day!!! I am *so* unbelievably blessed! There is so much I want to share about today.

First off, it is the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe! I *so* adore her! She is the best mom EVER!

Next, I talked to someone today that totally made my entire day. Do you guys know Jeff Kay? I'm sure you've seen him at church. He is George's best friend and husband to Kim whom I adore. Let me tell you about Jeff. As Kim tells it, he is like me in guy form. So, Jeff 'gets' me. I met Jeff almost two years ago and we got to know each other as he helped me plan George's surprise birthday party. He is such a great guy! I called to talked to Kim today and she wasn't there and talked to Jeff for a minute. I asked him if he would pray for George (as most of you know, George got laid off yesterday) and he said he would, but then he asked me for a favor. He asked me to relax. I said "Have you met me? lol" and he said "I know, that's why I said relax!" That made me feel so loved. Someone cares so much about my family. Someone knows that while I pretend to be calm, really, I'm not. That little bit of concern meant the world to me. Jeff rocks.

And, I talked to my dad today. He heard from my brother this morning. Joey is safe and okay! PRAISE GOD!!!

Then tonight, I went to my chrp zero Christmas Party. I had such a great time and left feeling so very loved and so very at peace (although that might have been the margaritas lol! j/k). When I arrived home there was a present waiting for me from three of my teens from Lifesavers. They came to sing and drop off a bottle of sparkling cider, homemade cookies, a candy cane, and their picture! Again, I felt so very loved. George said something months ago that I thought of this evening. He said that I am surprised that people love me and that I don't really believe them. It's not that I don't believe them, I just find it hard to believe that people who know *me*, the *real* me, love me. I chalk it up to childhood issues. I am also choosing to believe that with all this outpouring of love, it is a reminder of how much my mom, Carol, loves me. I am choosing to beleive that she is in heaven and see's how much I miss her. So, she is showing me through my friends just how much I am loved. At the same time, I belive it is also God, and Mary, my parents, showing me how much they love me! I am blessed to be so loved!

Tomorrow we are going to buy our Christmas tree!!!! Maybe then, I'll be in the mood to finish decorating for Christmas. I'm working on it.

Until next time,
Know that I love each of you deeply!


PS. Tina, Ready? 1-2-3!

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