Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Story of the Nativity...it's not what you think

I am picky. This is not news. I looked for years for a Nativity that I liked. They're not all alike. They have different faces. Sometimes Mary looked a little 'off'. Sometimes the wise men don't look exactly wise either. So, imagine my delight two years ago when I *finally* found a Nativity that I not liked, but LOVED! And, I found it after Christmas, and it was *deeply* discounted!

Now, last year Christmas sucked. We were all numb with the passing of Mom. Not only did we have a hard time, so did the Nativity. Jesus lost his head. I had the Nativity on the fireplace. Who uses their fireplace in Texas (today notwithstanding)? One of the stocking holders fell off the mantle and took Jesus out. (I've tried gorilla glue and a glue gun, but it's not working). Then, Maria amputated one of the wise men's hands. Apparently, he didn't need to bring a gift to baby Jesus!

So, here we are today. We are decorating the tree. I take another stab at gluing baby Jesus' head back (it didn't work and I think I got glue in my eye, l0l). You can have lots of fun with the headless baby Jesus. First comes the chorus of 'Mary had a baby and his head popped off'. There are a few linda blair jokes one could make. One could make. One might have made. But one would *never* tell, lol. Now, we have an angel we put on the tree every year. We've had her for ten years. The only think breakable on her is her face. It is George's job every year to put her on top of the tree. A) b/c he's the head of the house and B) b/c he's truly the only one tall enough to reach without a ladder (He does however stand on a chair, lol). So, picture this if you will. My loving husband reaching his arm up to put the angel on the tree. He sits her ever so gently on top of the tree. And........she takes a header tumbling down the tree clinking ornaments as she goes and wait for it.....she takes out the shepard boy of my Nativity!!! I now have a headless shepard boy, lol! And, if that wasn't enough, the angels face is now in four parts and we had to finally get rid of her. Luckily, we have a small angel that we put on top. So, clearly this Nativity that I was so picky to find and was so excited to get is a lesson. I'm thinking it's not to be so picky on my Nativity b/c their not safe in my house! lol But, I think the lesson is just to not be so picky and so full of myself as I get sometimes. As a dear friend of mine likes to say "it's not about me!" lol

Speaking of Nativities, as I was unwrapping some of the ornaments, I came across my Christmas present from Mom and Dad from last year. The last one I'll ever get from her (they purchased it before she passed). Mom and Dad collect Hummels. It is the while Nativity set of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Boy, did I have a good cry over that one! You can rest assured, the Nativity is on top of the entertainment center where nothing will fall on it (unless the roof falls in) or knock it over!

So, Until next time,
snuggle with your honey to keep warm, keep your kids away from your Nativities, and enjoy this third week of advent. God bless each of you!


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