Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I know it's been way too long since I last posted.  I could give you about ten different reasons or excuses if you want them.  Just email me and I'll give them to you.

Sunday's are still hard.  I'm guessing they're gonna be hard for the foreseeable future.  No, I don't know how many, you can't rush grief.  I am learning however, that you can fake that you're fine.  I've gotten so good during the week, that it's almost as if Mema hasn't died.  Chalk it up as business from back to school, back to JYM, back to work.  Even when I come home from work and have that hour and a half to myself of quiet, my mind is thinking 'what's for dinner'?  'Who has what tonight'? etc.  But, come Sunday's, there is no hiding.  Especially, at Mass.  Sunday's amidst the laundry, meals, and Mass, somewhere in there I get smacked by a wall (no, I don't run into one, I get smacked by one).  Realization once again hits and the breath rushes out of me and all that I have been subconsciously hiding comes flooding to the surface and my heart breaks all over again.  This is not fun, but something I've come to accept.

Work has started back up.  I can honestly say I am enjoying it more than last year, and we're only in our second week.  I really like the people (most of them) that I work with and that makes it fun!  As a side note, I'm back to selling Pampered Chef!  I'm excited about it!  I really missed it!  I figure I'll mostly be doing catalog shows and a few fundraisers with the occasional regular show thrown in.  So, be prepared, you might be getting an email to host a catalog show, even if you live out of state, lol.

I'm sure there's more I can tell you, I just can't remember it now.  It's the mental byproduct of having three teenagers, lol.  I just wanted to let you know that I am here, I haven't gone anywhere.  At least physically anyway.  I try to go somewhere in my head everyday.  Enjoy your day and know that I love you :D

Until next time,
Pray for my friend Lori, please :D


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