Saturday, March 19, 2011


There are really no words that I have that can thank you enough for the outpouring of love we have received with our beloved wonderdog Lizzie.  Somehow, thank you just doesn't seem weighty enough but it's all I can say, so thank you.  I love you all.

As for our wonderdog, well we have news and it's not good.  We found out yesterday that it is cancer.  Most of you have already gotten a text or a call and have been absolutely wonderful.  The word is that it's just a matter or weeks, if that.    We spent much of the day in tears.  I went to the vet's to get a new prescription and I had George text me a list of questions to ask the vet b/c I can hardly remember what to ask while I'm trying to ask it.  I was so distraught, I barely got out the first question before I broke down.  I just handed the lady the iphone (as the vet was in surgery) and she went to the vet with all the questions.  They were so awesome.  One of George and my main 'issues' if you will is wondering if we did something wrong.  Apparently, that's normal.  And, no, we didn't do anything wrong or not enough.  Cancer is cancer and creeps up in animals just like it does in humans.  Cancer sucks. 

One of the blessings I received yesterday, among all that I received yesterday, happened while I was at Kroger.  I look a fright, I'm sure, as I had just spent the morning crying.  Just left the vet's where I broke down.  So, I'm at Kroger's looking for food, no meat mind you and I'm basically just wandering up and down the isles not really paying attention to what is going in my cart other than it not being meat.  In one of the isles, I came across a friend of mine.  And, in true friend fashion, she says "you don't look so good" lol  She was one of the people I texted about Lizzie.  She gave me exactly what I desperately needed.  She gave me a hug.  We didn't spent hours talking in Krogers chatting.  Just a minute or two actually and it was exactly what I needed.  Such a gift from God.  See, George was at work and while I was keeping him abreast of what was going on, we couldn't really hug it out.  God is so awesome and always, always amazes me.

Now, the kids and I, mainly Sarah and I, came up with a plan before Lizzie goes to 'the farm'.  We have been using the term 'the farm' as Lizzie knows something's up.  She knows she's not herself.  She's been at the vet's so often, I'm pretty sure she knows the term 'the vets'.  So, we talk about her going to 'the farm'.  The kids know exactly what and where 'the farm' is.  But, it makes it a tad easier.  Not much mind you, but a tad.  I learned at the vet's that people do different things.  Some, leave the ashes there, others take them home.  My other gift from God yesterday, came from my Sharon.  She sent me the most beautiful email that brought me much comfort.  And, knowing that I'll see her in less than two weeks doesn't hurt either! lol  So, here's the plan...when our beloved Lizzie can no longer eat, we will take her to 'the farm'.   Then, we will bring her ashes home and she will be placed on the bookcase.  She likes to sleep in front of bookcase a lot, so there is where she will stay. 

Not that I'm happy about any of this mind you, but having a plan helps.  It's not like I'm all excited, on the contrary, but having a plan helps.  So, now is the waiting game.  In the next week, we are going to give Lizzie the wonderdog an early birthday present.  Everything she loves to eat!  So, that will be bittersweet, but I'm looking forward to it.

So, that's the update.  That's what's going on with our wonderdog.  So, if you see me breaking down, looking sad, that is why.  We are losing a very important member of our family.

Until next time,
How's your lent going?


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