Friday, March 11, 2011

Drama, Bob and Forgiveness

Wow. I know it's been a while. And, I've had so much to tell you! But, as usual, when I sit down to tell you, it doesn't seem all that important now. The last few weeks have been busy, busy, busy! Work drama and family drama--Maria is now sporting a boot on her left ankle. It's a sprain, she'll be fine. Lizzie the wonder dog has been pretty sick and now diagnosed with hip dysplasia. Jaime left this morning for his Band trip to LA (cue, LA is a great big freeway, put a hundred down and buy a car in a week maybe two they'll make you a star). I miss him already. And, it is my very favorite time of year...LENT!!!

I spent some time at one of my favorite stores on Wednesday. Sacred Heart Books and Gifts in Plano. I went to get one thing and I didn't spend a ton! lol I love it there b/c it's not a store where you can run in and out. It's so peaceful. I stayed for about a half hour. And there, I found something I really, really wanted to share with you. I thought of you as soon as I saw it.

I looked it up when I got home. It's called the Holy Spirit Cross. Now, I'm sure there's a dove above the cross, I just didn't see it to take the picture. All the ones I found on the web have one. But here's what struck me...look to the right, under Jesus' left hand. See how God's hand is holding Jesus? That struck me. You can't see it in this pic as Jesus' hair is blocking the way, but God has a moustach. Huh. Never knew that. I've never pictured God. I mean, I talk to Him. He's my Dad. But, I've never pictured Him or thought about what He looks like. Jesus, that's easy. I've seen Him all my life. But God, pretty cool to have an image. Now, I'm not saying that's what God looks like, but this artists interpretation I thought was pretty cool.  Oh and for all of you that I keep telling and never get to see it...look under Jesus' ribs, under His heart...its the outline of Mary!  You can see the outline of her Mantle!

I stood there for a while just looking at this cross. I even made it my desktop background. There's something about it that is just stirring to me. It looked at first, like God was the cross, but as I looked more, He is on the cross as well. God is truly always with us, in every joy and every sorrow.

Speaking of sorrow. When I pray the Rosary (not as often as I should) I realize there are four more mysteries, but I am always drawn to the sorrowful ones. For those of you who don't know, or don't remember, the Rosary is Jesus' life. It's all the Gospel's in one. It's Christmas and Easter all in a prayer. It's beautiful. The sorrowful ones focus on the Passion of Christ. I just am drawn to them. I don't know why I like those over all the others they're great also). Check them out sometime! And, speaking of the Holy Spirit, I wanted to share with you and the world, just how COOL BOB IS!!!! On Sunday, my class took a tour of the church and then went back to class. We talked about confession again, since there was confession that afternoon. I have a student who hadn't taken advantage of this sacrament since the third grade. I talked to the class, specifically her, about going. I've mentioned it to her before, but today I said "If you want, I'll go with you. I won't go in, but I'll go with you." And, she said "yes"! She and her friend and I went to confession. She had a bunch of questions and Bob and I answered them all. Her friend asked if I had an examination of conscience from the retreat. I said no, but I had the iconfession app! lol Some of the parents laughed. I told them look it up, it was approved by the Vatican! It's a cool app! So I left my class in the very capable hands of George and my aide and took the girls to confession! Afterward, the student said she felt better! I was flying high the rest of the day! Bob is so amazingly awesome! He never ceases to amaze me!

Then, there's another picture I wanted to share with you. It's one of my very favorites...

This picture just stirs me. Look at Jesus'hands. See how He is not just holding the guy? He's grasping at him as if to save him. He's grasping at him to hold him up. Now, look at the guy. See the remorse in his face? See his feet? See how they aren't even holding him up? That guy, he's the Roman soldier who nailed Jesus' to the cross. The picture is called "forgiven". It's so beautiful. Just look at it. Really look at it. What does it stir in you? Me, it makes me feel loved. It makes me feel that forgiveness, His forgiveness is truly real. It's not just words. If Jesus can forgive the guy who nailed Him to the cross, if Jesus can forgive St. Peter for denying Him, He will forgive me for all my transgressions. Forgiveness, it is truly real.

In this season of lent, I wish you peace. I wish you growing and stretching to whom He is calling you to be.

Until next time,
Sit with Jesus for a while. He, and I, miss you.

Lent is a time of growing and stretching and being reminded of who we are called to be. As I told my friend yesterday while we were having a particularly trying moment..."He never said it would be easy. He only said it would be worth it!"

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