Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royally Blessed

Did you guys happen to wake up and watch the Royal Wedding yesterday?!  Not me, no, George Tivod it for me :D

So after, work, and kids and everyone where they're suppose to be, Maria and I sat down to watch the royal wedding.  No, not all six hours.  More like two.  We fast forwarded through a lot of commercials, a lot of people standing around, etc.  But, the wedding itself was absolutely beautiful.  Princess Catherine's brother got up to do a reading.  It was Roman's twelve.  It was very beautiful.  I was struck by how much Jesus Christ was mentioned throughout the ceremony.  I don't know why.  I just was.  I wondered if the Prince and Princess were really listening.  It's hard when you're the person getting married.  You try to take it all in, but you miss so much.  So, in the age of all this technology, it's wonderful that you can go back and see things you missed.  During the ceremony, Maria said "I want a wedding just like this, but shorter.  I don't want a Mass."  After my internal gasp and what the flagnogg I said something to the effect of "okay or you've got plenty of time". 

After the wedding was over, and the kisses on the balcony were done, Maria wanted to watch my wedding video.  So, we did.  We being she and I as George was workin the Hut.  I sat watching my wedding with my daughter.  She pick the weirdest things to comment on during the ceremony.  "Did Daddy just say something about happy meals?"  Yes, yes he did.  He had a mic on that apparently picked up everything.  He was saying who he thought should run through the drive thru for the kids meals. lol  Then, at another point during the ceremony, after Fr. Gabe had extended his hand over our heads and given us a blessing, Maria said "Did Daddy just say "awesome"?  Yes, yes he did.  In fact, he said "we got an awesome blessing." lol  The rest of the ceremony and reception Maria was focused on how tiny her and her siblings were.

I commented in the last post about how I forgot Jesus was at my wedding.  Well, this viewing reminded me of how much he was actually there.  Not just from the readings, but from the comments and all the love that our friends and family shared with us.  At one point, a woman who I vaguely remember, whose name I don't, said how much I was a part of her life and how much I meant to her.  Who is this woman!  If I made that much of an impact on her and obviously we were friends or I wouldn't have invited her to my wedding, why don't I remember her?  Why aren't we friends now?  Then, I thought in ten years, how many of my friends that I have now will I forget?  What can I say, my crazy train sometimes derails into morbidville.  But, I digress, it was beautiful to see Jesus was actually there.

Then, as the wedding came to a close Maria wanted to know why the ceremony was so short.  I think her words were "where's the rest of it?"  I told her we had a Catholic Mass.  It's one hour, just like on Sunday.  Then there was the "ohhhhhhh" and the realization kicked it.  I'm pretty sure at her wedding, it's gonna be a Mass lol.

At the reception part of the video I was transfixed for quite some time.  See, while I saw certain loved ones during the ceremony.  They weren't really talking.  But, during the reception, there they were, My Mom (technically George's Mom lol) Carol and Mema.  Talking and laughing.  My heart felt so hollow.  My eyes filled with tears that refused to leave they just stayed there.  I watched myself dancing with Mema.  I watched as I hugged Mom good-bye.  I listed to them and all they had to say.  I saw their smiles.  My one regret, well two if you count the snafu from the night before, was that Mom was sick for the wedding.  She had a cold.  I felt so bad that she was sick, but she (and of course, Dad) were there.  It was so beautiful watching Mom and Mema throughout the reception.  I miss them.  Everyday.  But, I realized something, take away all the pomp and circumstance of the royal wedding, and we had the same one.  Albeit, they're not Catholic but close, I think.  I think it was the Archbishop of Canterburry (someone correct me if I'm wrong please) was speaking and said that every couple on their wedding day is royalty.  They are Kings and Queens.  He talked about love, just like Fr. Gabe did at my wedding.  So, after a night filled of weddings, memories, and wacky questions from my daughter, I remembered exactly how blessed I am.  I am royally blessed.

Until next time,
Pray for Pope John Paul II.  His beatification is tomorrow
Prayers of happiness and love for my Alyssa's birthday, it was yesterday.
Prayers of love and happiness for a certain awesome podmate whose birthday is this week!
And, prayers of happiness and thanksgiving as my son will be 17 on Tuesday, if we let him live that long! lol


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