Sunday, November 20, 2011

Elton John and the Allen Eagles

For those of you who don't live in Allen, Texas, who have no family, no grandchildren, nieces or nephews in Allen, Texas you will not be aware that last night was a most important night for Allen.  Last night was the semi finals in high school football.  You can joke all you want how football, like everything else, is big in Texas.  You can joke about Friday night lights.  But unless you live in a small town like Allen, with an amazing football team like the Eagles, you just wont get it.  Last night, our undefeated team played our rivals, also an undefeated team.  Sadly, we lost.  Young men who put their pads on and headed to cowboy stadium had no idea that it would be, for the seniors, the last time they would put on those pads.

No, I don't have a football player.  I am a band mom.  I have gone to football games to see my daughter play.  Going to a football game is not like going to a professional game where you kind of watch the game and mainly hang out with your friends.  No, with the Allen Eagles you actually watch the game.  You cheer, you boo, you hiss.  You learn players names.  You sing with the band.   You are a part of something much bigger than yourself.  It brings people together.  No, I am not a football mom, but I have a few very close friends who are.  When they were dancing at the senior pep rally a few weeks ago, I was there to support them.  Not my son who is a senior in the orchestra.  Yes, it was his last pep rally, but I was there to support my friends.    Allen Eagle football is an institution.  It is a beautiful thing to be a part of and experience.

So, in the words of Elton John, "What do you say when it's all over?  Sorry seems to be the hardest word."  For those seniors, it is not the ending that they (or any of the players) wanted.  I could spout platitudes of how it's a great life lesson and how years from now they'll forget the feeling of loss and remember all the good times, but really, that's not going to help them this morning in the cold light of day.  No, what they'll remember is the senior football parents meeting them at the athletic facility after the game.  They'll remember going to one of the players homes and reliving a most awesome season.  They'll remember the city itself.  How you can't look on a facebook posting from anyone in Allen without seeing a comment of how proud this town is of it's boys in blue.  You can watch any sports film you want, Friday Night Lights, Rudy.  But they have nothing on our town of Allen.  Nothing.   The  town is a huge supporter of our team. 

So, thank you.  Thank you, Kyle and Chris and all the other senior players for a great season.  I can comfortably speak for the entire town of Allen, Texas when I say we are proud of you and we love you.

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